is it better to get a male or female cat

Are male or female cats more affectionate?

Each cat has an individual personality and temperament that are influenced by:

  • their unique genetic makeup, or the characteristics they received from both their parents
  • their age and health: older cats tend to be calmer and lovelier than playful kittens, and health issues can momentarily make a cat less amiable.
  • their prior life experiences, especially from when they were two to seven weeks old, during their “socialization period” Find out more about kitten socialisation.

When choosing a lap cat, it’s crucial to learn as much as you can about the animal’s temperament, health, and past in order to determine if it’s the right fit for you. Male and female cats can be equally affectionate, peaceful, and easy to care for.

1. Male cats want to go outside more

Yes, but only if your male cat is intact. A male cat is more likely to wander out the door if he isn’t fixed and he detects a female cat nearby. In addition, after leaving the house, he might stroll for miles in search of food or a woman. Compared to female cats, male cats’ outdoor territories are nearly three times larger.

While all of this information is useful in the event that your cat goes missing, it might not be what you need to decide whether a male or female cat would make a better travel companion. When one takes reproduction out of the picture, life history and experiences have a greater influence on outdoor preference than gender.

is it better to get a male or female cat

Bonded pairs (if applicable):

  • How do you know the cats are bonded?
  • When there isn’t a high-value resource nearby, like food, a comfortable place to rest, or something else they might both want to use, are they observed spending time together?
  • Are the cats siblings?
  • Does the cat have any recognized behavioral issues or needs that require attention?
  • Are they using the litter box without issues?


What are the cons of having a male cat?

Male Cats
Female Cats
Sociable, playful, affectionate
Independent, quieter, smaller
May spray, tend to roam, larger size
Can be aloof, potential mood swings, mating behavior