is pete the cat blue or black

Originally, Pete was a black cat adopted by the artist James Dean. Inspired by his new pet, Dean created a series of paintings starring Pete, painted blue instead of black.

COLONIAL GYM — Illustrator James Dean and author Eric Litwin talked about their children’s book series, “Pete the Cat,” on Nov. 9.

is pete the cat blue or black

By Emilie Kelly, Staff Reporter

COLONIAL GYM — On November 19, author Eric Litwin and illustrator James Dean discussed their children’s book series, “Pete the Cat.” 9.

Mr. Dean claimed that after visiting a shelter one day, he adopted Pete, a black kitten.

He added, “And he would sit on my lap every day while I painted until I painted him and it looked good.” “You have to draw his eyes really precise. ”.

Mr. When asked what color Pete really was, Dean said that he changed Pete’s color to blue for the paintings because black cats were thought to be unlucky.

The series consists of two books, “Pete the Cat: Rocking In My School Shoes” and “Pete the Cat: I Love My New Shoes.” ”.

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Pete is a diminutive, anthropomorphic feline with yellow eyes, a triangle-shaped nose shaped like an ice cream cone, one thumb, three whiskers on each cheek, and a spanish blue tail.

Pete usually keeps his mouth shut when he speaks, smiles, eats, yawns, etc.


Pete is friendly, kind, laid-back, fun-loving, sensible, intelligent, loyal. Additionally, he is extremely silent and typically saves his speech for the lesson at the conclusion of the show. He typically serves as his friend group’s voice of reason.

Even though he is mature for his age, he still goes through the highs and lows of childhood and exhibits some typical childish traits, like regularly caving in to peer pressure, greed, as demonstrated in Pete the Cat: A Very Groovy Christmas, and general immaturity.

All in all, though, he is a decent child with a mature head on his shoulders who genuinely cares about his friends and family.


What color is Pete the Cat?

Pete is a cool, easy-going cartoon cat with blue fur and wide yellow eyes.

Is Pete the Cat a black cat?

Dean was asked about the real Pete’s color and replied that since black cats were a sign of bad luck, he changed Pete’s color to blue for the paintings.

Why is Pete the Cat blue?

But what if everyone else thought black cats were “bad luck”? So James opted for blue. Pete became the muse.

What is Pete the Cat’s appearance?

Pete is a short anthropomorphic cat of with spanish blue fur, naples yellow eyes, an alice blue triangle-shaped nose, one thumb, three whiskers on each cheek, and a spanish blue tail. Pete’s mouth is usually not visible, unless he’s talking, smiling, eating, yawning, etc.