is pretty litter bad for cats

The packs of silica gel you find in packages are labeled “Do Not Eat,” but Pretty Litter’s founder says that’s because it’s a choking hazard, not because it’s toxic. If a cat licks its paws after using Pretty Litter, the silica should safely pass through their body.

Pretty Litter YouTube Video Review

Pretty Litter, or at least the concept of it, goes back to 2015, when entrepreneur Carly Martinetti set out to create a “less depressing” cat litter, saying that the sight of her cat’s gray clay bummed her out. That’s right—the concept of Pretty Litter was originally all about its, well, prettiness.

After Carly was introduced to the reality show Startup U with the idea of health monitoring, she assembled a group of marketers, chemists, and other business associates. Daniel Rotman, the company’s founder and CEO, then transformed this glittery white litter into the item we use today.

Daniel shares the tale of his cherished orange tabby puppy, Gingi, from his early years. Gingi accompanied Rotman through high school and college until she unexpectedly fell ill. After rushing her to the vet, he learned that she had been ill for months.

Pretty Litter was the ideal starting point for Daniel’s product, which he created to assist cat owners in taking more proactive measures to safeguard their pet’s health after the experience of losing Gingi.

Products Included in This Review
Product Name Materials Clumping? Price Additional Features
Pretty Litter Crystal Cat Litter Silica Gel No $3.67 per lb Highly absorbent

Health monitoring

Odor control

My Experience Using Pretty Litter

Within a week of placing my order, my month’s worth of Pretty Litter arrived in an unexpectedly tiny cardboard box. It came with a printed insert that described how the product operated and offered advice on how to maximize odor control, train my cats to use it, and pour the right amount of litter.

How Dusty Is Pretty Litter?

is pretty litter bad for cats

I put Pretty Litter to the test by pouring it into my litter box. Compared to other crystal cat litters I’ve tried, I thought this one was a little less dusty, but it still produced a noticeable dust cloud. It’s not a dust-free litter, though, because later on when I was scooping the cat litter, I noticed that it was a little dusty.

It’s crucial to remember that clay litter produces a different kind of dust than crystal cat litter. It’s not crystalline silica dust, which has a worse reputation for causing lung problems, but rather amorphous silica dust. It’s more of a nuisance dust than anything.


What are the cons of PrettyLitter?

Some reviewers have even reported that using Pretty Litter has helped them catch potential health issues in their cats before they became serious. However, there are also some negative reviews to consider. The most common complaints are about the Pretty Litter’s high price tag and one bag not lasting a full month.

Is it bad if my cat eats PrettyLitter?

While we would never suggest ingesting litter, the gel crystals are household-safe. The litter is not absorbed by the bowel and does not swell in the presence of humidity.

Is silica gel litter toxic to cats?

Non-toxic and safe for use Because Crystal silica gel litter contains non-toxic ingredients, it is safe for use with pets and also does not cause any health problems.

What cat litter should I avoid?

Dangerous types of cat litter on the market include some types of clumping cat litter, those containing sodium bentonite clay and those containing crystalline silica dust.