what does it mean if a cat follows you

Cats are often quite independent creatures but if they have a strong bond with you, they may simply follow you around because they want to be near to you and see what you’re up to. Or perhaps they’re waiting for you to sit down so they can jump on your lap for a snooze.

Why is my cat following the dog around?

Cats follow dogs for the same reasons they follow people. Your cat and your dog may be related, they may be bored or curious, they may be hunting for opportunities to snag food if the dog finds it, or they may perceive your dog as a protector and feel safer around it.

It’s not anything to worry about if your dog and cat get along well and your dog doesn’t seem to be bothered by this behavior. However, if you have more than one pet, you should always make sure they each have a toy, a bowl of food, and a place to hide out.

Your Cat Loves And Trusts You

According to Dr., cats have the ability to form strong social bonds and frequently desire to spend all of their time with those who are closest to them. Youens. A cat may begin to follow someone they trust above all others if they have that person’s undying trust.

A cat’s breed can also come into play here. Breeds more prone to affectionate clinginess include:

Your cat may also show you affection by purring, rubbing up against you, blinking slowly, or baring their belly.

According to Dr., “Cats that trust their owners often have relaxed, open body language.” Crow. They may walk with their tail held high, which is typically indicative of contentment and assurance. ”.

If you require a brief break from your cat’s loving care, Dr. Crow advises creating a schedule, praising self-sufficient behavior, and giving your cat access to different forms of entertainment. Additionally, whenever you can, try to give your cat lots of attention.

When you have to leave home for a while, Dr. Youens suggests providing comfort by offering items that carry your scent, such as a T-shirt or sweatshirt.

what does it mean if a cat follows you

Why does my cat follow me but no one else?

Cats can form strong attachments to humans. If the cat only follows you despite having several family members, it indicates that you are their favorite person. It also indicates that your cat has recognized you as its main provider of resources, including food, love, and security.


What does it mean if a random cat follows you?

A stray cat might follow you for a variety of reasons: Food: If you’ve ever fed the cat, or if the cat smells food on you, it might follow you in hopes of getting a meal. Curiosity: Cats are naturally curious creatures. A stray might follow you simply because you’ve caught its interest.

What does it mean when your cat follows you?

Following behavior is completely normal in cats, especially when they have a close bond with their human. When your cat is following you everywhere you go, it’s likely because they love and trust you, and want to be around you. Your cat’s world is much more limited than yours, and you play a huge part in it!

Is it good luck when a cat follows you?

Some people believe that if a cat follows you home it’s bad luck, but it’s the opposite in case of a stray dog. The notion implies homeowners are granted with good luck should a stray dog come to their home. However, the family will suffer from disasters if a stray cat comes into their house.

Does a cat love you if it follows you?

Follows You Around This is a clear sign your cat likes you — or at least knows you are the source of their food. Cats who receive lots of affection from their humans associate them with positive interactions and may follow them from room to room (including the bathroom) in pursuit of more.