what does it mean if my cat drools

Cat drooling is a common behavior exhibited by cats and is usually caused by excitement or anticipation of something, such as a treat or meal. It can also be a sign of pain or illness, so it’s important to take your cat to the vet if it is drooling excessively.

When Drooling Is Normal For Cats

If you’re wondering why your cat drools when you pet her, don’t worry—drooling is a normal behavior for some cats, like mine. Why some cats drool happily while others don’t doesn’t seem to have a clear explanation. In essence, however, content cats that drool are so content that their facial muscles loosen up and they start to slobber happily. Since cats drool happily on a regular basis, your cat will exhibit this behavior from kittenhood to adulthood. Should the drooling occur out of the blue, there may be a problem.

3. Dental Disease in Cats

Dental disease is a common cause of cat drooling. If your cat has severe gum disease to the point of abscesses and rotting teeth, she is likely to drool often as a result of the pain associated with this condition. Even mild or moderate dental disease can sometimes cause drooling.

Take your cat to the vet if she has oral health issues, such as dental disease. She’ll probably need a dental cleaning, and if the issue is really bad, she might also need to have some of her teeth extracted while sedated.

If your pet is under stress, it may result in frequent drooling. You can be ready for the possibility of excessive drooling in the future if you have a cat that is extremely nervous most of the time or if you know you’re going to be going through a stressful event for your pet, like moving to a new home.

Your cat might require antidepressants or anxiety medication if she is constantly tense and nervous. This kind of medication can only be prescribed by your veterinarian; under no circumstances should you give human medication to your pet.

When She Tastes Something She Doesn’t Like

Your cat might be tasting something she doesn’t like, which is different from eating something toxic (see below). Vets frequently report that this happens when using unpleasant-tasting eye drops or oral medication. Offer your favorite feline water or a treat to expedite the process.


Should I be worried if my cat is drooling?

While a little drool is nothing to worry about, a waterfall can be a sign your kitty is sick. Here are some reasons your cat might drool too much, along with suggested treatments. Mouth disease and tooth decay. Tartar buildup can rub on the inside of your cat’s lip, causing them to slobber.

Do cats drool when they are happy?

As you pet or brush your cat, their kneading and purring can sometimes be accompanied by drooling. These are all signs of a happy kitty and are nothing to worry about. Your cat is simply being transported back to kittenhood and the soothing presence of their mom.

Why do cats drool when they see you?

Some cats may drool when they are extremely relaxed and enjoying being petted or cuddled. This is not uncommon and merely indicates a physiologic response to happiness. Similarly some cats may drool when they are asleep, probably because they are so relaxed.

Is cat drool harmful?

Is cat drool harmful to humans? Generally, cat drool isn’t harmful to humans. However, it can potentially spread certain diseases like cat scratch fever. If you have a compromised immune system, it’s advisable to avoid direct contact with cat saliva.