what does it mean when a cat curls its tail

If your cat curls their tail around you or another family pet, this is a sign of affection. Your cat is relaxed and extending a hand (or, in this case, tail) of friendship. Think of it as the cat “I love you.”

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That is not a normal tail position for a cat. In fact, I don’t believe cats are typically able to lay their tails on their backs in that manner.

I think the cat you saw might have been in an odd position because of a kink in its tail. This may result from normal genetic variation or improper healing of a tail break.

I was able to dig up some more information. I think the cat I saw was an “American ringtail cat.” A genetic variation or mutation may be the cause of the tail bend, as Kai has indicated in the other response.

Additionally, the Ringtail tail range is shown in the blue box below by this chart:

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A cat that slinks away from something they dislike or even something they are facing might have this tail.

Thus, this brief guide is an excellent overview of the fundamentals of cat communication, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned feline fancier looking to brush up or a first-time owner searching for a Translation Guide to Cat Speak.

Once more, this depends on the situation; a large, puffed-up tail may indicate excitement (possibly a case of the post-litterbox “zoomies”) or that they have been startled and are preparing for flight or fight.

When you are about to feed your cat, or perhaps when you return home after a long trip and your cat is overjoyed to see you, you may notice this twitchy vibration in their tail.

This low, curled tail is frequently seen in kittens who are acting large and tough as they learn how to play fight. It can be used to express fear, but it’s also frequently seen in cats trying to project an air of toughness and intimidation by puffed up tails.


Why does my cat curl his tail when I pet him?

Some cats carry their tails a bit curled when they’re happy. I call it a “tail grin.” They stroke their human with the side of that tip sometimes by way of petting us back.

Why does my cats tail curl like a monkey?

You might consider taking a break from your daily business to play with your cat if you notice a curve in their tail. This tail position often signals a playful mood and a cat that’s ready to share some fun with you.

Why does my cats tail curl like a pig?

One user wrote: “There’s a (harmless) genetic mutation that occurs in cats sometimes that causes the tail to be curled to various degrees.” One of the few cats with a documented curled tail is the American Ringtail, a relatively new breed.

Do cats curl their tails when happy?

You may notice that sometimes your cat’s tail looks like a question mark—it stands upright but curls at the end. Again, this cat tail language indicates that your cat is happy and approaching amicably. When your cat’s tail is in this position, it means it’s an invitation to interact with your cat.