what does it mean when a cat follows you around

Following behavior is completely normal in cats, especially when they have a close bond with their human. When your cat is following you everywhere you go, it’s likely because they love and trust you, and want to be around you. Your cat’s world is much more limited than yours, and you play a huge part in it!

Cats have a reputation for being independent and aloof. So, you might be surprised to notice that your cat is following you everywhere you go. Are they trying to get your attention, or is this just their way of showing you how much they love you?

Although cats are unable to express to us directly why they are following us, we have spent enough time with these furry friends to have compiled a solid list of plausible explanations. Here are some possible reasons why your cat might be following you.

Why does your cat follow you?

When your cat follows you around, it’s usually because they believe dinnertime is about to arrive. Typically, they will remain visible to their owners until they enter the kitchen, where they are aware that all the delectable food is kept. For any feline, the serving of cat food is an exciting moment. Naturally, they don’t want to miss it.

Your cat is following you because they’re curious

When there are no toys or posts for a cat to chase around the house, things can get a little monotonous for our furry friends, and as a result, they may begin to follow you around for entertainment. Perhaps you’ll open a door for them to enter a room they don’t usually have access to, allowing them to slip inside and begin investigating their new domain. How exciting!.

Having said that, since nobody enjoys being bored, it’s a good idea to give your cat toys and activities to keep them busy if you suspect they may be getting bored. After all, you won’t always be around to supervise. Playthings like soft balls and scratching posts can also encourage your cat to engage in natural behaviors like hunting and sharpening their claws, which will enhance their overall wellness.


Is it normal for your cat to follow you everywhere?

It’s more common for older cats to follow their owners around than younger cats, who are often too busy exploring or playing to be interested in what we’re doing. If you notice your cat become a lot more clingy than usual, speak to your vet to make sure there isn’t a medical cause for their change in behaviour.

Do cats pick a favorite person?

Some cats do, some cats don’t. More often than not, they will show the most affection towards the person who spends the most time caring for them, including feeding them. But while some of our feline friends won’t be afraid to make their favorites known, others will be more comfortable loving you from afar.

What does it mean when a cat follows you spiritually?

Many believe that when a stray cat chooses you, it’s a sign that you are on the right path or that a significant spiritual transformation is about to take place. This connection can serve as a reminder to trust our instincts, listen to our inner wisdom, and embrace the unexpected opportunities that life presents.

Does a cat love you if it follows you?

Follows You Around This is a clear sign your cat likes you — or at least knows you are the source of their food. Cats who receive lots of affection from their humans associate them with positive interactions and may follow them from room to room (including the bathroom) in pursuit of more.