will my cat be okay alone for a week

How long can cats safely be left alone? Most adult cats are fine being left home alone for up to 24 hours, under the right conditions (more on that below). If you need to leave for two or three days, a full week, or longer, you should make sure someone is coming over to care for your cat daily.

What Happens When You Leave Cats at Home

will my cat be okay alone for a week

The health of your pet can suffer if you leave them alone for a week. It’s a myth that cats are aloof and solitary; in fact, they can suffer from separation anxiety. They may not be as talkative as anxious dogs, but they still have trouble adjusting to new situations.

Some signs of separation anxiety in cats include:

  • Destructive behaviour
  • Excessive hiding, grooming, and/or vocalization
  • Inappropriate elimination habits (i.e. eliminating outside of the litter box)
  • Refusal to eat or drink

Leaving your cat alone for extended periods of time can cause separation anxiety in addition to safety concerns. For instance, if your cat is left on their own, they might:

  • become confined or locked in a space without having access to water or food
  • suffer from illnesses or injuries as a result of falls, eating improper food, etc.
  • Become stuck in small spaces
  • Spill their water and be left with nothing to drink

While you’re away, having someone check in on your pet at least once a day can help reduce these risks. Additionally, your cat won’t have to wait for you to get home if they get sick or hurt because they can get the necessary veterinary care right away.

As you might expect, a seven-day separation from your cat can have a detrimental effect on their physical and emotional health. This separation can also affect your home. Even the calmest, most well-mannered cats can turn destructive when they’re bored or facing cat anxiety.

How Long Can Cats Be Left Alone?

Let’s cut to the chase. Most vets recommend that your cat can be left home alone for no more than 24 hours. Leaving your cats at home while you work or visit friends for a day is perfectly fine, as long as you make sure you’ve provided them with plenty of food and fresh water along with a clean litter box.

Giving your cat plenty of space to roam around is also crucial if you’re going to be gone from home for a day. When you’re not around, try not to confine them to a single room and give them toys, perches, and scratching posts as forms of stimulation.

Keep in mind that leaving kittens alone for longer than a few hours at a time is not recommended. To get used to your house, they need more frequent attention and interaction.

Therefore, the answer to the question, “Can I leave my cat alone for a week?” is an emphatic NO! However, there are steps you can take to ensure your cat is secure in your house while you’re gone.

Do Cats Get Lonely?

While we adore our kitty friends for being so independent and aloof, they are much, much more social than given credit for. Cats form lifelong, meaningful bonds with their humans and families. According to a recent study conducted in 2020, cats, just like dogs, also suffer from separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is common in domesticated animals. It can be defined as anxious behavior, such as destructive tendencies, vocalization, and soiling areas when an animal is separated from their human. According to PetMD, another study concluded that 64 percent of cats that participated within the study were described as “securely attached to their humans” and “showed less stress when near their caregivers.”


Is it cruel to leave a cat alone for a week?

However, cats should not be left alone unattended for more than one day. While each cat’s individual needs vary, it’s important to not leave them alone for prolonged periods of time to minimize risk of separation anxiety, medical issues, and frantic attempts to escape or avoid abandonment.

Will my cat be sad if I go away for a week?

Cats can get lonely, depressed, and anxious alone. Each cat is different and will respond according to their personality and habits. If you have to leave your cat alone regularly for more extended periods, watch out for signs of depression and cat separation anxiety.

Will my cat miss me for a week?

While a feline won’t miss their owner as much as a dog might, your cat can still struggle to adjust whenever you’re away. When you return, your kitty may meow and want to cuddle, or they might be standoffish and ignore you. In both cases, your cat is showing you that they missed you while you were on vacation!

Can cats be left alone for 5 days?

No you should not leave your cat alone for five days. Two days is the maximum time you should leave a cat alone. You are part of your cat’s territory and removing yourself from it for a length of time is stressful for your cat. Additionally food, water and the litter box should be replenished/cleaned daily.