will my cat ever like my dog

How Long Does It Take for a Cat to Get Used to a Dog? Some cats and dogs gel quite quickly, even within a matter of days, but you should be prepared for the fact that it can take several months. Make introductions gradually, give them space, and spend time with both pets to reassure them both.

Understanding Types Aggression in Cats

There are several reasons why your cat may be acting out. Understanding these underlying causes of a cats aggressive behavior can help you identify triggers and put a stop to your pets hostile antics, explains cat behavior expert, Pam Johnson-Bennett.

Your dog may cause a scared cat to try to flee. They may crouch, flatten their ears, and tightly wrap their tail around their body in an attempt to appear smaller if they feel trapped. In the event that your dog ignores the cue to back off, your cat may eventually lash out in what they believe to be self-defense.

Your cat may turn around and release their pent-up aggression on the closest target—in this case, your unknowing dog—if they hear or see something they want to attack but are unable to reach, like another cat outside the window. Redirected aggression can seem random at first because you’re not sure what set it off. It appears that your cat has suddenly decided to attack your poor dog. But in actuality, your dog is just an easy target because it’s there at the wrong time.

When a new cat moves into your house, it could feel the need to claim its territory and establish its dominance over the other animals. Any attacks they make on your dog in this situation are just an effort to set limits and make it clear to your dog who is in charge. If your dog is docile and doesn’t defend itself, your cat will only be more inclined to engage in bullying behavior. A dog is more likely to be the target of your cat’s aggression if they are softer.

Find food that fits your pet’s needs

When dogs and cats fight, dogs are typically portrayed as the aggressors. However, occasionally the family dog is the target of the cat’s jealousy. While it is possible and frequently the case for cats and dogs to get along and even become friends, some cats simply do not want to interact with dogs. Even the kindest and gentlest of puppies may cause them to become hostile, leaving you unsure of what to do.

This may be particularly true if you bring a shelter cat into your house. Although the staff at the shelter should be able to tell you whether a cat gets along with dogs, occasionally cats behave well while they are there and reveal their true selves once they have been in a home for a while. Additionally, since it’s impossible to learn about the past of an adult shelter cat, there’s a chance that something from their past contributed to their strong antipathy toward dogs. However, your house doesn’t have to be a pet’s battlefield. If you have enough patience and time, you can teach your cat to live in harmony with your dog.

3)‘Safe spot’ for cat

Establish “safe spots” where your cat can flee to whenever it senses danger from your dog. Keep in mind that these “safe spots” shouldn’t be accessible to your dog.

These “safe spots” are typically higher locations, like the top of the refrigerator, a book shelf, or a window seat. In addition to a designated “safe spot,” you should set aside distinct areas for your pets to eat and relax. Given that both dogs and cats are territorial creatures, you ought to allow them to have their own areas.

Animals like cats and dogs use both their sense of smell and sight to assess their surroundings, whereas humans rely primarily on their sense of vision. It’s crucial for your dog and cat to learn to recognize and tolerate one another’s scents before they can get along.

There are some tricks to get them to get used to each others scents quickly. You can swap their bedding, or simply rub a towel on your cat and place it next to your dog, and vice versa. Hopefully, your cat and dog are able to get used each other scent in no time using these tricks.dog and cat bedding

Through repeated exposure, desensitization aims to lessen your dog’s reaction to your cat. Many dogs often exhibit excessive excitement upon first observing a cat. Their overreaction might make your cat feel uncomfortable and make it harder for them to interact with your dog. The use of a baby gate is one method for archive desensitization.

You can keep your dog and cat apart with a baby gate, but they can still see and smell each other through it. Use toys or practice cues to divert your dog’s attention if you see that it is becoming overly focused on the cat. Your dog will eventually become desensitized to the cat through desensitization, and since it is accustomed to the cat’s presence, it is unlikely to overreact when it sees it.


How long does it take for a cat to get used to a dog?

Introducing a dog and cat may take a couple of weeks to a few months, depending on your individual pets. Always monitor your pets for signs of fear, anxiety, or stress, and progress at a rate they are comfortable with. A positive reinforcement-based trainer can help you introduce the pets if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Will a cat and dog eventually get along?

Despite the stereotype, many dogs and cats learn to live together peacefully. Be patient and take the introduction process slowly, but know that whether or not your pets get along will also depend on their individual personalities.

What if my cat never likes my dog?

Keep the newcomer separated from established household pets by using crates, pet gates and closed doors. Allow your pets to sniff and get to know each other through the safety of barriers, closely supervising face-to-face interactions, until it’s clear that they will either accept or ignore one another. Be patient.

Will my dog ever accept my cat?

Each dog (and each cat) is an individual and will learn at their own pace. It is possible that your dog might not ever be able to safely share space with a cat. If you don’t feel you can trust your dog around your cat, you should keep them apart, especially if you are not home or not able to supervise.