will your cat eat you if you die

In the end, it appears that your cat (and dog and hamster) might use your body as a food source if it was absolutely necessary—they also might not. As Delgado put it in an interview with Wired, “there’s no reason for people to panic about an epidemic of pets eating people.”

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Information about this kind of thing typically comes from accidental observations like the one made at Colorado Mesa University, rather than experiments where scientists let housecats loose on recently deceased people, for ethical reasons. However, the study does offer some fascinating insights into cat behavior (can you imagine that research proposal?) We generally think of cats as predators—as creatures that hunt, kill, and then consume their prey—which makes this study particularly intriguing to me as a cat behaviorist, Delgado says. Additionally, it clearly shows that they are scavengers in this instance. ”.

However, Delgado issued a warning, saying that most people shouldn’t be concerned about this. The majority of pet owners who experience these cases have free-roaming pets, a chronic illness that results in unexpected death, and social isolation—meaning that in the unlikely event of their untimely death, someone else wouldn’t discover them first. Therefore, she says, there’s no need for people to become alarmed about a pet pandemic eating humans. Additionally, it’s critical to understand that just because an animal will consume a portion of a corpse, it does not follow that they will consume you while you are living. ”.

“We have a morbid curiosity about what our cats could do to us if they got the chance,” says Dr. UC Davis cat behavior expert Mikel Delgado, who was not involved in the study “I believe that’s why people kind of latched onto this particular research, is that it’s morbidly fascinating. Would they kill us? Would they snack on our dead body? ”.

This is a macabre hypothetical: Imagine that you passed away unexpectedly, by yourself, in your home. Would your cat eat you?.

As for the hamster’s motivation…

will your cat eat you if you die

While we domesticated cats and dogs millennia ago, they still have some aspects of their wild ancestors.

will your cat eat you if you die


Will my cat try to eat me if I die?

Do cats eat their dead owners? Under the right circumstances any carnivorous (or omnivorous) animal will eat a human. If a cat is trapped indoors, it’s owner has died, and there is no one to feed it, then it’s eventually going to go for the only viable food – the dead owner. A starving dog may well do the same thing.

How long will cats wait to eat you?

Toby Savoy, a death investigator with the Louisiana coroner’s office, says that cats especially will waste no time in eating their owners once they’ve died. “Dogs will hold out until they they have nothing left to eat,” says Toby. “But a cat will remove your head in 24 hours.

Would my cat or dog eat me if I died?

There is little scientific data about how likely it is for a dog or a cat to try to eat their dead owner. There is historical evidence that dogs have consumed dead human bodies, usually outdoors. Interviews with first responders suggest that cats may be more predatory than dogs if their owner is deceased.

What happens to my cats if I die?

The surest and simplest way to provide care for your pet after you die is to leave your pet (and some money) through a provision in your will or living trust. If you do this, the person you name will become the owner of your pet and will receive outright any money you leave to him or her for your pet’s care.