are bengal cats legal in australia

Bengal cat

While it makes the Australian government’s list of breeds that can’t be imported there is a caveat. “Bengal cats may be imported into Australia if the animal is five generations or more removed from the Asian Leopard cat,” the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries says. “This is known as an F5 hybrid”.

Transporting Bengal Cats to Australia

Hello, We’re from Colombia and we have a Bengal cat. Our goal is to relocate to Sydney, Australia in April of 2015.

We are aware that we are unable to ship our cat from Colombia straight to Australia. But we’re going to spend a week visiting Los Angeles.

Is it possible to transport our cat from Colombia to Australia via the United States? If so, how much will it cost? Best regards, Yudha

Thanks, great question! First of all, Bengal cats may not be imported into Australia unless they are at least five generations removed from their purebred, non-domestic ancestors. Please read more details about import restrictions regarding breed here.

If you can move forward, then let’s do so: bringing pets from an unapproved country to Australia will necessitate a period of time spent in a second, approved nation, and the United States does meet this requirement.

To relocate your cat to the United States, you must first adhere to the country’s pet import regulations. After that, you must follow Australia’s pet import regulations from the United States. The steps are outlined on the Australia Department of Agriculture website and in our pet travel guide for Australia.

Regretfully, you will have to plan your travel so that you spend longer than a week in the United States. You can either move to the US for the entire vaccination preparation process before traveling to Australia, or you can go to the US for the initial rabies vaccine and testing, return to Colombia, and then travel to the US once more.

The entire process of importing pets into Australia typically takes 190 days, including the 10-day quarantine period upon arrival. Ultimately, the expenses associated with relocating a pet to Australia are considerable and can range from several thousand dollars to several thousand dollars.

Please complete our online consultation form to learn more about our services and if you think you might need help with this move. For more details on traveling abroad with your pet, you are also welcome to visit our blog.

Hopefully this helps to get you started. Good luck with everything!.

Pet Transport Question Details:

Name: Yudha; Number of Pets: 1; Breed: Bengal Cat; Origin: Medellin, Colombia; Destination: Sydney, Australia

Bengal Cat Legality Around the World

Where is it legal to own a Bengal cat? This is one of the most important questions any Bengal cat lover may have. The answer is complicated because different countries and regions have different laws and regulations regarding Bengal cats. Some of these laws are designed to protect endangered species from which Bengal cats are descended, while others are based on the belief that Bengal cats are too wild, aggressive, or invasive to be kept as pets.

Bengal Cat Status in Other Countries

There are laws and regulations regarding Bengal cats in other countries besides the US. Depending on their cultures, histories, and wildlife, many other nations have laws governing this breed that are either similar to or different from this one. The following are some instances of other nations’ legal standings with regard to Bengal cats:

  • Canada: Most provinces allow Bengal cats, with the exception of Alberta, where they are prohibited. Certain provinces, like Ontario and Quebec, mandate that Bengal cats be microchipped or registered.
  • U. K. : Bengal cats are legal in the U. K. provided that they are separated from the wild ancestor by a minimum of four generations. Less than four generations separate Bengal cats from being considered wild animals, making their ownership prohibited.
  • Australia: Most states and territories allow Bengal cats, with the exception of Queensland, where they are prohibited. Certain states and territories, like Victoria and New South Wales, mandate the sterilization or desexing of Bengal cats.
  • As long as they are at least five generations removed from their wild ancestor, Bengal cats are lawful in New Zealand. Less than five generations separate Bengal cats from being considered wild animals, making their ownership prohibited.

Although it is not an exhaustive list, it does provide you an idea of the variety and intricacy of the laws and regulations pertaining to Bengal cats across various nations. Prior to adopting a Bengal cat, you should conduct research if you wish to own one in another nation. Make sure you abide by the local laws and regulations in your country and area by checking them out.

Additionally, you should be aware of the possible dangers and difficulties associated with owning a Bengal cat abroad, including locating a reliable breeder, shipping your cat across international borders, and acclimating to the local environment and climate.


How much does a Bengal cat cost in Australia?

Silver Spotted/Rosette Kittens range from $1,800 to $2,500 We occasionally have kittens available at a lower price due to various factors.

Where are Bengal cats not allowed?

California. There are no laws regulating the keeping of Bengal cats in California.

Is it legal to own a Savannah cat in Australia?

Savannah cat is a prohibited invasive animal under the Biosecurity Act 2014. You must not keep, move, give away, sell or release into the environment. Penalties may apply. You must not take any action reasonably likely to exacerbate the biosecurity threat posed by savannah cats.

Are Bengal cats legal in Japan?

Banned Breeds Japan does not ban any dog or cat breeds. Aggressive behavior is not acceptable. Wolf hybrids and Savannah cats are not included in these regulations.