where is a cats heart

Just like humans, a cat’s heart is hollow, made of muscle, located in the center of the chest and has four chambers. The two upper chambers are called the atrium, which collects circulating blood, and the lower chambers are called the ventricles, which pumps blood from the heart.

3. Heart Attacks Are Very Rare in Cats

Cats frequently have heart disease, but heart attacks are extremely uncommon. Though most cats have other forms of heart disease, they can be deadly when they do occur.

where is a cats heart

8. Kittens Can Have Heart Murmurs

When your veterinarian listens to your cat’s heart, they will be able to detect an unusual sound called a heart murmur. This noise is typically caused by abnormal and turbulent blood flow in the heart. Humans can suffer heart murmurs, and so too can cats. Heart murmurs can occasionally occur in kittens, and by the time they are six months old, these innocent heart murmurs usually go away on their own. But there are other, possibly more dangerous reasons for heart murmurs, so it’s best to have them examined by a veterinarian.


Cats with heart disease may experience several additional complications in addition to congestive heart failure. It is common for a big blood clot to form inside the heart in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. If pieces of this clot break free and enter the bloodstream, they may lodge in blood vessels and stop the flow of oxygen to nearby tissues.

Where the aorta splits to supply blood to the hindlimbs is a common site for the deposition of these clots. If this happens, the patient will become extremely painful and quickly lose the ability to use their hindlimbs. A small percentage of these patients may be able to regain circulation with intensive supportive care before permanent damage is done.

cat ultrasoundBecause of the poor prognosis and high likelihood of surviving patients to experience another clot, euthanasia must be considered in these situations. Patients with HCM can also develop arrhythmias associated with the structural changes that occur within the heart. If recognized, these can usually be controlled with anti-arrhythmic medications for variable periods.


Which side is a cat’s heart on?

A pet’s heart is directly connected to the chest wall. Did you know that you can feel your pet’s heart clearer on the left hand side, due to the location (being more left-centered than right)? The heart of smaller animals, that have a faster working metabolism, needs to pump quicker.

Can you feel a cat’s heart?

Checking your cat’s heart rate is a simple process. Put your cat on her right side and put your hand on her chest behind the front left leg (you should feel her heart beating). Now, count how many beats you hear in 15 seconds. Multiply that number by four to get your cat’s approximate heart rate.

Where is feline heart?

Understanding the nature of these conditions requires a basic awareness of the feline heart’s structure and function. About the size of a small apricot, it is a 4 chambered, muscular organ located in the center of the chest.