are bengal cats legal in ny

In New York, Bengals must be at least five generations removed from the Asian Leopard Cat and registered with the American Cat Fanciers’ Association or the International Cat Association. However, they’re entirely banned in New York City.

The Bengal Cat Ban in New York City

Bengal cats were outlawed in New York City in 1997. Bengal cat ownership is currently prohibited in all five New York City boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. If this law is found to be broken, offenders risk a fine of up to $500 and possibly having their cats taken away.

The Role of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

All New Yorkers’ health and safety are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. They have the authority to control and uphold laws pertaining to animal welfare, including those that deal with owning exotic pets like Bengal cats.

After conducting a thorough investigation and consulting with authorities in the fields of environmental conservation and animal welfare, the department decided to outlaw Bengal cats. The prohibition was implemented in order to safeguard public safety and the environment.

In almost every US state, bengal cats are permitted. Regulations in New York State permit F5 Bengals. This indicates that the Bengal cat and its wild ancestor, the Asian leopard cat, are at least five generations apart. However in New York City they are banned indefinitely. I propose bringing the same F5 rule to New York City. The Bengal cat, like most house cats, is a domesticated animal. A man who kept a tiger in his apartment in New York City started the ban on wild cats and all hybrids many years ago. After that, a law was created outlawing all wild cats, including tigers and lions. In reply to the man who housed a tiger in his New York City apartment for three years, and as a result, expanded it to include hybrids However, thousands of people own Bengal cats as pets throughout New York City, and pet stores sell them as well; this law is not even strictly enforced. This law needs to be updated to reflect the modern environment since it is obviously out of date. Neither the city of New York nor any of the states that permit Bengals have reported any incidents. Bengal cats are not any more innocent than regular house cats. I think the ban on Bengal cats should be lifted and the F5 bengal recognized as a domesticated house cat in our city’s health code.


Can you own a Bengal cat in New York State?

Bengal cats are legal in practically all states of the US. In New York State they are regulated to allow F5 bengals. Which means the bengal cat is at least five generations separated from it wild ancestor the Asian leopard cat. However in New York City they are banned indefinitely.

What states do not allow Bengal cats?

In the United States, legal restrictions and even bans sometimes exist at the state and municipal level. In Hawaii, Bengal cats are prohibited by law (as are all wild cat species, and all other hybrids of domestic and wild animals). In Connecticut, it is also illegal to own any generation of Bengal cat.

Can you keep a Bengal cat as a pet?

Bengal cats have a lot of energy and need a lot of interaction, which can make them both a fun and challenging family pet. They can be a good match for active people who have the time and interest to engage with them regularly. These cats love to play games like fetch or chase and are known to pick up tricks quickly.

Can you have a Bengal as a house cat?

We have an 11 yr old F2 Bengal, who has been a healthy free range indoor – outdoor cat all his life. Don’t get a Bengal if you don’t have time to put into them. They’re fiercely intelligent, active & social and it’s a cruelty to keep them locked up in a house while you’re away at work all day. – He loves water.