are black cat and spiderman dating

Peter and Black Cat briefly rekindled their relationship in 2022, dating over the span of several issues. While there were some good moments in their most recent romance, Black Cat and Spider-Man eventually realized that neither of their hearts were really in the relationship.

Spider-Man and Black Cat Have a Long and Tumultuous History

are black cat and spiderman dating

Peter asks Black Cat out on a date right away, not after offering her a litany of reasons why they can’t be together. Even though it’s not romantic to scream back and forth against the howling winds from the top of a skyscraper, Felicia is still completely taken off guard. She seems genuinely impressed by Peter’s newfound confidence despite her initial surprise, and this could be the catalyst for their eventual reconciliation.

Although Felicia Hardys first appearance back in 1979s The Amazing Spider-Man #194 (by Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard) introduced her as an antagonist for the wall-crawler, it was clear from the start that tensions between them were more than just adversarial. Shortly after their first meeting, Black Cat started taking more daring risks, which ultimately resulted in her coming dangerously close to being killed by the Kingpin’s henchmen. This was the pivotal moment for Peter at the time, when he realized that his feelings for her went beyond just being costumed counterparts on the city rooftops.

Black Cat Dumps Spider-Man Because Their Relationship Is… Too Healthy?

are black cat and spiderman dating

Even though their relationship ends amicably, with both of them going their separate ways and acknowledging the love they have for one another, Felicia is still the one who started the breakup. Felicia is free to end their relationship at any time, of course, but it is upsetting to see the happy couple part ways over something that they could have resolved together. She brings up the fact that “you haven’t asked me to stop stealing things” after asking Peter to speak with her. Not even once,” and that she hasn’t made any attempt to “corrupt” Peter. as if this is a bad thing. They both had a habit of trying to change the other during their early romantic adventures, which were marked by a lot of drama and heartache. Now, it’s said that their lack of that judgment indicates that they’re merely going through the motions.

The breakup is a huge anticlimax as the end of a fan-favorite relationship, leaving fans wondering why the two didn’t try seeing a relationship therapist or even having a longer conversation. Felicia notes that when she and Peter first started dating, he was experiencing a great deal of emotional upheaval; however, if anything, the previous problems have allowed him to resolve that skillfully and voluntarily. The comics have seldom shown Black Cat’s thefts as actually damaging to anyone other than bad guys, so readers can understand why Spider-Man, who leans far more toward saving lives, wouldn’t require her to change. In the end, it seems like a hasty and unconvincing way to end a relationship that has been the focus of the narrative for a while.


Do Black Cat and Spider-Man have a relationship?

After their break-up, Black Cat maintained her role as one of Spider-Man’s most trusted allies and for years the pair shared an on-again, off-again romance.

Is Peter currently dating Black Cat?

In the current Amazing Spider-Man run, Peter and Mary Jane Watson broke up after MJ became romantically involved with a man named Paul Rabin. While he was initially heartbroken, Peter and Felicia/Black Cat then rekindled their relationship and have since been seeing each other.

Is Black Cat lgbt marvel?

Spider-Man 2 has confirmed that Insomniac’s version of Black Cat is bisexual, just like her comic book counterpart. Spider-Man fans who are avid readers of the comics will probably already know that Black Cat, the web-slinger’s ally and occasional love interest, was confirmed to be bisexual a long time ago.

Does Black Cat have a crush on Spider-Man?

Spider-Man is the first hero Black Cat encounters after beginning her career as a masked burglar, and Felicia develops a crush immediately. Not one to associate with criminals, it takes Spider-Man awhile to return the affection; but eventually, he is won over by Black Cat’s charm.