are british shorthair cats brachycephalic

Like Persians, British Shorthairs have a slightly brachycephalic head shape. Despite this trait, these felines don’t suffer from any chronic breathing problems or eye infections because their tear ducts are not shortened, and their noses are not flattened.

The long and short of brachycephaly in catsAre British Shorthair cats brachycephalic? Yes. Brachycephaly is a shortening of the skull along the vertical axis. The breed standard for British Shorthairs does call for a shorter face than you would find in the average domestic moggy, which means that all

There are a few significant variations between British Shorthair and Chartreux cats. The Chartreux has a more muscular and slender frame than the British Shorthair, which is recognized for its round face and stocky build. Furthermore, the Chartreux usually has a solid blue-gray coat, whereas the British Shorthair has a wide variety of colors.

Yes, my British Shorthair cat is a brachycephalic breed, to put it briefly. But it’s not actually that simple. Why is it important? British Shorthair owners and breeders are primarily concerned about whether it will become difficult to fly their cat or kitten. Several airline lists classify this breed as brachycephalic.

British Shorthairs probably fit into the some catagory. The issue is airlines look at risk. They dont measure your cats head when you check in. They simply follow instructions, and they’ve been informed that British people have brachycephalic faces. This puts them at risk of breathing difficulty during flights.

For this reason, hiring a transport business like Jetpets to handle the flights is ideal. They are aware of the guidelines and are able to select an itinerary that will get them there.

Really this is a measurement. It has to do with how the face is shaped and how that impacts breathing. Because most Persians have flat, squishy faces and match the measurements of other breeds, it is easy to say that they are brachycephalic, though some breeds may not fit the description.

Returning to the original question, is my British Shorthair cat a member of the brachycephalic breed? The breed is classified as such. The brachycephalic trait of your cat or kitten may or may not exist, depending on how short their face is. This can affect flying your cat especially internationally.


Is a British Shorthair brachycephalic?

Brachycephalic Cat Breeds Below is a list of cats that are classified as brachycephalic or may have brachycephalic tendencies, which can be important to consider during air travel: British shorthair cat, Burmese cat, Exotic shorthair cat, Himalayan cat, Persian cat and Scottish Fold cat.

Are British Shorthair cats snub nosed?

No matter their coloring, there is always a strong contrast between their fur color and their bright eyes. They also have a cute snub-nosed face and overall round features that make you want to hug them like a teddy bear (though they might not completely love that).

Do British Shorthair have flat faces?

The British Shorthair has a somewhat flat face and shorter muzzle than some other cat breeds, but they don’t have the extremely flat face of some other short-snouted breeds such as the Persian cat. The flat snout quite often causes tightness of breath, watery eyes and abnormal position of the teeth, resulting in pain.