are cat and john henry engaged

Spoilers ahead for the finale of “Bachelor in Paradise” season nine. Kat faced backlash for pursuing John Henry while he was with Olivia on “Bachelor in Paradise.” The two got engaged at the end of the season, but recently announced their split.

Who Is John Henry Spurlock?

Virginia Beach, Virginia-based John Henry, an underwater welder, is thirty-one years old. He got his start on Charity Lawsons Bachelorette season. But John Henry lost in the second week because he didn’t click with Charity. Hes known for being a shy and reserved man.

When they were seen together a month later, the couple ignited rumors of a reconciliation. After multiple reunions, Clare and Dale were finally back together in July 2021, complete with rings. But that September, the two called it quits again. Now that Clare and Ryan Dawkins are happily wed, they are expecting their first child together.

The couple declared on Instagram that they would no longer be pursuing a relationship after the thrilling 2020 finale. “Madi and I have decided to end our relationship amicably,” Peter penned. “Believe me, it wasn’t easy for either of us to accept, but after many sincere discussions, we’ve decided that this is best for the two of us. My affection and admiration for Madi will never fade. “.

Status: Divided “I promise to always love you.” As he proposed to Serene Russell, his “best friend,” on season seven of Paradise, Brandon Jones declared, “I will love you until my last breath and I want to start forever with you.” Alas, their journey was cut short. A joint statement from Serene, who dated Clayton Echard, and Brandon, the runner-up on Michelle Young’s season, was released five months after their engagement. They posted on Instagram, saying, “We have tried to work privately on our relationship which has been incredibly challenging in the public eye.” Since there is a great deal of love between the two of us, this has been extremely difficult to accept and painful. We can only hope that there won’t be hatred because we are in great pain. “.

Becca, a former Bachelorette, and Thomas Jacobs, a potential suitor of Katie Thurston, dated during Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise in 2021. They broke up during the show, but they made up after production was finished. They declared their engagement in May 2022, and Becca made the proposal. She said to E! News, “I hope that other people can now feel empowered and say its okay to bend the rules.” The real estate agent returned the favor that October. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Benson, in September 2023. “No words can begin to capture the amount of love and awe we have over this tiny man,” Becca wrote on Instagram. Despite the fact that she also adores her 6-foot-6 partner A few weeks after bringing Benson home, the couple got married in an impromptu Oct 13 ceremony.

Status: Split Eliza Isichei, Clayton Echard’s ex-girlfriend, accepted Aaron Bryant’s proposal on the oceanfront with joy despite her concerns about being engaged in Paradise. Feeling moved by the software salesman’s choice to ask her mother for permission, she exclaimed, “I knew I had no control over what I was going to say.” “After returning from Mexico, Eliza, Charity’s former partner and marketing manager, encountered some difficulties, as the finale’s coda acknowledged. A few days later, they declared their official engagement to end. “Difficult feelings as I watch everything happen,” he posted on Instagram Dec. 11. “We’re approaching our peaceful breakup with nothing but optimism and regard for one another. “.

Who Is Kat Izzo?

Kat is a 27-year-old registered nurse from Tampa, Florida. She made her debut on Zach Shallcross’s Bachelor season, where they became close. But after Kat voiced concerns about Zach meeting her family during the hometown dates, they ultimately called it quits. Kat was frequently presented as a villain with a soft side during Zach’s season. That was once more the case at the start of season nine of Bachelor in Paradise, but she softened after she started dating John Henry.


What does Kat from Bachelor in Paradise do for a living?

Katherine “Kat” Izzo is a 27-year-old Registered Nurse from Tampa, Florida.

Are Danielle Maltby and Michael together?

More Stories by Ryan. Bachelor in Paradise standouts Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby have split up after finding love on the beach during the most recent season of the ABC dating series.

Is Mercedes and Tyler still together?

According to an Instagram post from Reality Steve, Tyler breaks up with Mercedes in the end. However, Reality Steve didn’t give any details about when or why Tyler made this decision. Reality Steve also didn’t reveal if either of them makes another connection, or they each leave the beach without finding love.

Is anyone from Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 still together?

All 3 couples to leave ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9 announce breakups days after finale. All three of the final “Bachelor in Paradise” couples have broken up shortly after the show finished its ninth season, according to social media posts from the couples.