are cat claw caps safe

Are nail caps safe for cats? According to Mary Molloy, animal behavior counselor and founder of Nirvana Tails in NYC—yes, absolutely. “[The caps] do not prevent the cat from retracting his claw, and if properly applied, they do not cause any pain or damage to the claw bed,” she reports.

Myth #2 – They Cause Damage To The Nail And Nail Bed

A veterinarian developed the Soft Paws brand to be gentle and non-toxic for both dogs and cats. The cat’s paws or nail beds shouldn’t ever sustain damage or discomfort when the nail caps are placed properly. Correct application includes:

  • selecting a nail cap size and shape that fits each cat’s nails comfortably
  • Applying just enough glue to hold things together, without going overboard. The cat’s hair, nail bed, or surrounding skin around the claws should all be free of glue.
  • Leaving space between the cat’s nail bed and the nail cap, and cutting the nail just past the top of the “hook,” rather than as short as usual

Myth #4 – They Don’t Last Long

When nail caps are applied for the first time, some cats may bite or pick at the caps in an attempt to get attention. This is typical behavior, and most cats will stop interacting with them after a few weeks or applications. Like with many behaviors, rewarding your cat with treats, games, and cuddles will help divert their attention from picking at their nail caps and keep them calm while you trim their nails and apply nail caps.

Myth #5 – They’re A Permanent Solution

Cat nails can grow naturally even under nail caps. This indicates that the nails are continuing to grow normally even with the nail caps on, and they may eventually grow longer than is comfortable. Nail caps should not be left on the nails for more than 6 to 8 weeks, even if your cat ignores them after the first application. At this stage, use nail trimmers to remove the remaining caps, and then clean and trim your nails before applying a fresh set of nail caps. This keeps the nails healthy and long while continuing to protect them from scratches.


Do vets recommend cat nail caps?

Many veterinarians do recommend cat claw caps as a humane and effective way to prevent cats from scratching and causing damage to furniture and other surfaces.

Do groomers put cat claw caps on?

Select locations offer grooming & bathing services for cats like nail trim, nail caps application, ear cleaning & sanitary trim.

Can cats swallow nail caps?

Myth 7: Soft Paws® Can Be Toxic to Cats Even if the caps are swallowed by your cat, they will pass harmlessly through the digestive tract. There are other claw caps for cats besides Soft Paws® and Soft Claws®. We don’t know what is in their products. Accept no imitations for your cat’s safety.

Are claw caps better than declawing?

Claw covers may sound silly, but they are actually a simple, safe, and effective solution to the damaging effects of your cat’s constant scratching. If you have an indoor cat and don’t mind taking time to reapply them, nail covers could be an excellent option for your favorite feline.