are cats a danger to babies

Diseases carried by cats

The most common diseases your child could get are: toxoplasmosis – a common infection that’s usually harmless but can cause serious problems in some people, particularly pregnant women and people with a weak immune systems. cat scratch fever, which causes swollen lymph glands.

The Risk Of Smothering

Searching through medical literature and news archives, I discovered four possible cases that may have occurred since 1980. The cat’s presence in the same room served as the sole piece of evidence for three of these. I’m highly skeptical of these.

The likelihood that the cats caused the SIDS is essentially zero, considering the rates of SIDS at the time. In addition, why wasn’t the cat still sleeping on the infant if that is indeed what happened?

The fourth case sounds plausible though. This infant was left alone in a stroller with blankets on. This is northern Sweden, so the cat probably didn’t realize there was a baby underneath when it hopped in for the warmth.

Things to Watch Out For

Watch out for signs of stress as you, your infant, and your cat adjust to your new life together. Important things to consider are:

Hygiene. It’s more crucial than ever to keep your cat clean and pest-free when you have a newborn at home. Keep up with preventative medication regimens and schedule routine examinations with your veterinarian. Remember that a dirty diaper may inspire your cat to make a mess of their own. Always put soiled clothes or diapers in the appropriate container right away.

Safety. You shouldn’t leave your cat and infant alone together, even as they grow accustomed to one another. Use a screen door to let your cat see and hear the baby without letting it investigate unsupervised to avoid any mishaps. Cats find toddlers particularly stressful, so as your child gets older, keep an eye on them. Maintain a calm, secure space where Kitten can go if necessary to get away from the infant.

Patience. It may require some time for your cat and infant to become pals. Be understanding with your cat and the baby, and don’t hesitate to accept the possibility that your cat might want to avoid the infant. A peaceful home will arise from taking the time to ensure that the cat and the infant are both secure and content!

How to Introduce Baby and Kitty

There may be a lot going on when you bring your newborn home from the hospital—guests, presents, and unfamiliar routines—but it’s crucial that you take the time to introduce them to your cat and baby. Once the baby arrives, make sure to:

Set aside some quiet time so that the three of you can say “hi” to each other in a calm manner. Allow your cat some alone time to reacquaint themselves with you and get to know the new baby.

Give your cat an item to investigate. In a calm, secure area where your cat can explore on their own schedule, use a baby blanket or article of clothing. By doing this, your cat will be able to adjust to the baby at their own pace.

Supervise kitty-and-baby time. Cats enjoy cuddling, but if your baby is still too small to move their head, there could be a risk. When you can’t immediately watch over your child and cat together, always keep the door closed. Â.


Is it safe for babies to be around cats?

Safety. Even as your cat and baby get used to one another, you shouldn’t leave them alone together. To prevent any accidents, use a screen door to let your cat see and hear the baby without investigating unattended. Toddlers can be especially stressful for cats, so maintain supervision as your baby grows.

Do cats harm babies?

Cats are less of a physical threat to children than dogs when it comes to baring their teeth or claws. But they can still do enough harm to cause cosmetic damage or introduce a skin infection (like ringworm) if scratches are deep enough.

How do I protect my baby from cats?

Close the door to the nursery when the baby is napping. If there is no door, either install a temporary screen door or place a crib tent over the crib to keep the cat out. These precautions also prevent the cat from urinating in the crib, something she may try if extremely stressed.

Can cat hair affect newborns?

Please rest assured that pets or their fur don’t cause growth defects in babies. On the contrary, children living with pets develop better immune systems, lead healthier lives, and have a best friend growing up who will never leave their side.