are cherries bad for cats

Are cherries poisonous to cats? The simple answer is yes, cherries are toxic to cats. While the flesh of a ripe cherry wouldn’t do your kitty any harm, the pit and other parts of the cherry plant, such as the leaves and the stalk, are toxic to cats, so it’s just not worth the risk in our books.

Are Cherries Used in Commercial Cat Food?

Perhaps not surprisingly, given the risks, cherries are rarely used in commercial cat food. But if you select a commercial cat food that is nutritionally complete, it will have all the ingredients your feline family member needs to stay in excellent health.

Can Cats Eat Pitted Jarred and Canned Cherries?

Cats shouldn’t be fed cherries in jars or cans either. They have a lot of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and other additives that are not good for your cat’s nutrition and may even be dangerous depending on the specific ingredient and quantity used. Since these cherries are usually processed by machines and are frequently not double-checked by humans to ensure the small pieces have been removed, there is also a chance that small pieces of pits and stems will be left behind. If you’ve ever discovered a fragment of a pit inside an olive from a jar, you are aware that occasionally these fragments do get overlooked and fall out.

Can Cats Eat Pitted Cherries?

In theory, cats can consume pitted cherries, but you should consult your veterinarian before doing so. If your veterinarian gives you and your cat the all clear, make sure your cat is only getting fruit and not any pit, stem, or leaf fragments by being extremely cautious. Although the fruit’s meat isn’t thought to be harmful to cats, we still think the risk isn’t worth it.

Even though fresh pitted cherries are low in calories and a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, cats shouldn’t really be eating them. They are not likely to benefit from them, and there is a chance that they will inadvertently ingest pits, leaves, or stems. They may also lead to a stomach upset.

are cherries bad for cats


What happens if cat eats cherries?

Cherry poisoning will cause symptoms of bright red gums, difficulty breathing, dilated pupils and shock that can lead to eventual death.

Are cherries toxic to pets?

Cherries themselves are not toxic to dogs—including black cherries. However, their pit, leaves, and stems all contain cyanide, which is toxic to dogs. Be careful that your dog does not eat these parts of a cherry.

What fruits can cats not eat?

Cats should not be fed grapes or raisins as they can lead to kidney disease and organ failure. Citrus fruits (such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes) are also mildly toxic for cats and can cause a stomach upset.

How many cherry pits are toxic to cats?

Even one cherry pit can be harmful if it’s chewed and the amygdalin is released. The risks escalate with the number of pits ingested, making any amount potentially dangerous. It’s not just about toxicity; pits can also cause choking or intestinal blockages. Bottom line: Keep cherry pits away from your feline friend.