are long haired calico cats rare

Where to Adopt or Buy a Calico Cat

Although calico cats are common, it can be challenging to locate one at a nearby shelter. To find a kitten or cat in your area, use internet adoption services or inquire with breeders of cats that typically have calico coloring in your area to see if any of them specialize in calico patterns.

The calico cat is the state cat of Maryland, earning the title in 2001, because they often share the white, black, and orange of the state bird (Baltimore oriole) and the state insect (Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly).

History of the Calico Cat

No one is sure where the calico originated, though the cats likely emerged from Egypt and were traded along the Mediterranean.

Many cultures have folklore that calico cats bring good fortune. Maneki Neko, or the waving cat, are good luck figures that are sometimes depicted as calico cats in Japan. These are sometimes called “money cats” in the United States. “.

Researchers began seriously studying calico cats and their appearance in the late 1940s. Murray Barr and his graduate student E.G. Bertram notices masses inside the nuclei of nerve cells of female cats. They were absent in male cats. These dark masses eventually were called Barr bodies and determined to be inactive X chromosomes. Mary Lyon proposed the concept of X-inactivation in 1961. It occurs when one of the two X chromosomes inside a female mammal shuts off. She observed this in the coat color patterns in mice, similar to the patterns of calico cats.

In calico cats, the fur-color gene occupies the X chromosome. If that chromosome deactivates, a different fur color will appear. The inactive chromosomes are random, which is why each calico cat has a unique pattern.

are long haired calico cats rare

Diet and Nutrition

For calicoes of any breed, a complete and balanced cat food—whether dried or canned—is usually a great choice. But do your homework to see if your particular cat breed has any special dietary needs. Ask your veterinarian for feeding advice, too.


Can calico cats be long haired?

Both short-haired and long-haired cats can have the calico coloration pattern. According to Spruce Pets, calico cats are named for their coat color that resembles calico cloth, which was once imported from England to India.

Why are calico cats so special?

What sets Calico cats apart is their tri-color coat. Calico cats have at least three colors in their fur, which at their most basic are white, orange, and black. However, variations on these colors, such as cream, blue-black, reddish, brown might also be noted in the coat of a Calico cat.

How rare are long-haired cats?

With their regal coat measuring anywhere from two to six inches, these cats have a variety of personalities, fitting in a wide array of homes and are the second most popular cats in the U.S. Because the long hair gene is a recessive trait, only 10% of cats are considered long haired.