are maine coon cats nice

Maine Coon cats have an affectionate nature and are very playful and friendly. They enjoy human company and this makes them excellent companions for someone who enjoys sharing their home with such an enormous cat. Maine Coon cats are noted for the delightful quiet chirping sound they make.

Fun Activities for Maine Coons

  • Playing fetch
  • Sunbathing on a window perch
  • Walking on harness and leash
  • Birdwatching from a catio
  • Puzzle toys

Maine Coon Grooming Guide

are maine coon cats nice

The lengthy, thick coats of Maine Coon cats can get matted or oily if they aren’t regularly groomed. Here’s what you should know about their grooming needs.

It might be time for an at-home bath if you see a lot of oil in your cat’s fur. The majority of Maine Coon cats are receptive to the odd bath, particularly if they were bathed as young animals.

The fur of a Maine Coon cat can be any color, ranging from pure white to tabby, calico, and chocolate. Though most Maine Coon cats now happily live indoors, Savageau notes that all colors of the species have thick, double-layered coats that help them withstand the harsh winters in Maine.

The Maine Coon breed requires routine grooming to prevent matting. It should work if you brush your Maine Coon two or three times a week at home. Your cat might require an appointment with a professional cat groomer if his fur starts to grow large mats.

The oval-shaped eyes of Maine Coon cats are colored in blue, green, and gold hues. Usually, their eyes don’t require special care, but schedule an appointment with your veterinarian if you notice any unusual discharge, redness, or general crustiness. Most cat eye issues can be fixed with a single dose of medication.

Keep your Maine Coon’s enormous ears dry and clean to avoid ear infections, especially after swimming or taking a bath. According to Savageau, “if they happen to get an infection, the ear canals will be red, smelly, and have a discharge.” “The cat would need to be seen by a vet. ”.

How much are Maine Coon cats?

Maine Coon cats cost anywhere between $400–$2,000. It’s crucial to set aside money for both routine and emergency care, such as grooming, veterinary visits, and pet sitting, when thinking about bringing a pet into your home.

You might come across a Maine Coon (or a Maine Coon mix) at your neighborhood shelter if you’re interested in adopting one. Additionally, there may be a Maine Coon rescue near you.


Do Maine Coon cats make good house pets?

The mellow Maine Coon can be an excellent addition to any family. “They’re the perfect family cat because they get along well with kids and other animals,” Savageau says. They may be giants, but Maine Coons are also gentle and affectionate.

Are Maine Coon cats good family pets?

Maine Coon temperament & personality They love to play and are very affectionate, so if you’re looking for a cat to show you some love when you get home, this is the perfect breed for you. Maine Coons love to socialise with other people and pets, so they make great additions to a large family, whether human or feline!

What are the cons of owning a Maine Coon cat?

Very affectionate
Family friendly
Expensive to buy/maintain
Needs expensive food
Loyal & emotionally sensitive
High risk of theft

Are Maine Coon cats cuddly?

They’ve adopted the nickname of the gentle giant because of their large size and affectionate nature. Being around Maine Coons for the last 7 years has taught me that they absolutely love being around their humans. Like dogs, they follow you from room to room and want to be a part of your every day life.