are ragdoll cats good mousers

Can ragdoll cats catch mice (if they want to)?

Yes, ragdoll cats can catch mice if they want to. Even though ragdolls are domesticated indoor house cats, they still have very quick reflexes, so if they wanted to, they could easily catch a mouse. But for the most part, ragdolls are solitary creatures, and depending on the size of the mouse, they could even be scared of it.

Poppie, our ragdoll, has an amusing habit of catching flies. She will sit and observe the fly’s movements for a while before determining when it is ideal to swipe with a quick paw flick.

She would have no trouble catching a mouse if she could catch a fly, and I’m sure most other ragdolls would be the same.

Likewise, ragdolls are incredibly adept at climbing, proving once more that they are more than agile enough to catch a mouse if they so choose.

Ragdolls have an amiable character

Ragdolls are among the most devoted and loving cat breeds there is. Ragdolls are the ideal pet if you want a loyal companion to meet you at the door when you get home.

Where have you been all day? I’ve missed you terribly!

Ragdoll cats are devoted to their cat parents, but they are not picky eaters. They are pretty easy-going and independent. If your schedule is hectic, this breed is ideal for you. These cats will be happy that you have returned instead of making you pay for leaving them for work by destroying the house in protest.

However, that doesn’t mean you can ignore your feline friend entirely. To keep them happy, set aside some time during the day for bonding and snuggling.

Ragdolls are intelligent and easy to train

Ragdoll cats are intelligent and easy to train. You can teach them a lot of tricks with a clicker and some treats.

They’ll pick up fetching and retrieving objects and playing hide-and-seek games quickly. You can also teach them how to command them to sit, lie down, or give a high five.


What breed of cat is the best mouser?

Maine Coon – That’s right, the Maine Coon is named after the U.S. state. This breed has existed on this continent for almost as long as the United States has existed, and they have been held in high regard as mousers ever since the colonies took root here.

Is a Ragdoll a good mouser?

Ragdoll isn’t a mouser breed, so they’re best kept as indoor cats. The overly friendly felines are too trusting for the mean streets, which makes them easy targets. If you let your Ragdoll outside, they’re likely to get into an accident or get bullied by other animals.

What are the cons of Ragdoll cats?

It’s important to remember that Ragdoll cats are large. They have big appetites and will need a lot of high-quality food to maintain their health. They may also need a larger litter tray, lots of toys to keep them entertained, and regular grooming. As with any purebred cat, they can be expensive to buy and keep.

What type of cat keeps mice away?

American Shorthair American Shorthair cats are affectionate and make ideal house pets. They possess their ancestors’ hunting instincts and will ensure that no mouse dares poke his nose into your home.