are roses poison to cats

Are Roses Poisonous to Cats If They Eat Them? “Roses are not considered to be a concern for poisoning,” says Renee Schmid, DVM, DABVT, DABT, and Senior Veterinarian Toxicologist at the Pet Poison Helpline. “However, gastrointestinal upset (vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea) may occur if ingested.”

Rose petals, leaves, and stems

A cat might be tempted to taste a rose after indulging in its lovely scent. Fortunately, roses are non-toxic to cats. Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned that if a cat eats a rose, the petals, leaves, or stems could poison them. However, since roses are probably not a staple in your cat’s diet, it might upset their stomach and make them feel bad about themselves.

Even though rose thorns are non-toxic, a cat may experience pain and discomfort from a thorn prick or scratch. Additionally, thorns can cause damage to a cat’s lips, inside of their mouth, or face, particularly if they gnaw on a prickly rose stem.

are roses poison to cats

It’s possible that chemicals were sprayed on roses to repel vermin and insects that eat them. If consumed by cats, these substances can be poisonous and cause painful symptoms. Therefore, although roses in and of themselves are generally safe for cats, our furry friends should not be exposed to any pesticides that may be on them. Regretfully, the pesticides are unable to distinguish between the pests they were intended to kill and your cat.

Are Roses Safe For Cats?

Roses are mostly safe for cats. Cats cannot be harmed by any of the components of a rose, including the petals and leaves. However, every rose has a prickly stem and might have been sprayed with pesticides, which can be harmful to our animal companions.

How do I stop my cat from eating roses?

Cats may not enjoy having a vase full of roses on their favorite perch because they are not known to appreciate the aesthetic benefits of flowers in their surroundings. Roses should be kept in a sturdy container that is difficult for your cat to tip over and kept away from surfaces and areas that your cat frequents.

If your cat seems interested in your roses, divert their attention with a toy, laser pointer, or other pastime of theirs. The most effective strategy to stop undesirable behavior is to reward good behavior.


What happens if a cat eats roses?

Fortunately, roses themselves are non-toxic to cats. If your cat has eaten any part of the rose bush or flower, toxicity is only a concern if flower food or pesticides were involved. If there’s concern about toxicity, contact the Pet Poison Helpline or your veterinarian right away.

What is the most toxic flower to cats?

Lilies. This beautiful unofficial symbol of Spring is among the most toxic flowers to cats. All varieties – including the Easter, Tiger, Stargazer, Red, Wood, and Day – are unsafe. With some flowers, the petals and the buds are the hazards for cats but, with lilies, it’s also the pollen, the leaves, and the stems.

Why do cats love roses?

Their sweet scent may attract cats over for a taste, and most often, they find out quickly that the flower is not that yummy. However, a few end up with a penchant for eating the roses.

Are all roses pet safe?

All 100 species of rose are generally considered as completely harmless to all pets, so there is no need to worry. Just make sure they are as out of reach as possible to ensure that your pet doesn’t accidentally cut themselves on the thorns.