are temptations good for cats

Generally designed for adult cats (though they do have a kitten option), most Temptations treats are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced, meaning they meet the nutrient requirements for adult cats. They’re also relatively low-calorie and affordable, which makes them a good choice for your cat and your budget.

How Much Do Temptations Cat Treats Cost?

Temptations are inexpensive. A 3-ounce bag of treats is less than $2. A 16-ounce tub costs a little over $8. This is a popular value size. Customers also like the resealable tub for storing treats. The 30-ounce tub for about $16 is also popular.

When making an online purchase, be sure to compare shipping prices. Some sites charge more for shipping than others.

What Do Customers Think of Temptations Cat Treats?

Temptations cat treats have thousands of glowing reviews on the internet. People and their cats love these treats. Although some reviews are unfavorable, the majority state that cats adore these treats.

Kitty Crack My cat is addicted to all of the temptations flavors. He talks to us until we give in. If we run out he will get depressed and stare at us. You’ve created a monster…lol – by Tigerlilymom

Uh oh! Look out! I have bought approx. 6 different varieties of Temptations. My cats go nuts when they see me reach for this one! They put their front feet on the wall and paw at my hand – sometimes grabbing my hand to pull it down to their mouths – to pull my hand down with one of these, apparently tasty, morsels! Definitely gets an A+ from my felines! – by Chris on Aug 17, 2021

I have two tabby cats 5 years old. Although my cats aren’t fussy eaters by any means, they have seriously avoided any treats from this particular brand. Definitely do NOT recommend. – by giannac15.

Cutcorner Garbage I don’t know what’s wrong with these treat lately. I’ve been buying them for 3+ years and suddenly my cats will hardly touch them. They pick through them. I drop around 30 on a plate for each cat and each cat eats around 6-10 of them if that. So yeah, 20 or so are left and they won’t touch them. I add more treats and the ones left previously are still there along with most of the new ones I gave them. Whatever you guys changed -FIX IT. I’m not going to buy cat treats that are mostly inedible. Either GO BACK TO THE FORMULA YOU USED TO USE OR I AND 1000S OF CAT OWNERS ARE SURELY DONE WITH YOU. TAKE YOUR PICK. My cats used to eat EACH AND EVERY TREAT. If I don’t see my cats eating them -ALL- again I’ll declare that you’re infusing these “treats” with garbage. STOP CUTTING CORNERS. YOU CHARGE AN ARM AND A TOE AS IS. ——- really, really, really disappointed customer – by cutcorneRgarbage on Sep 11, 2021

What the ingredients really say

The following are the ingredients for Temptations’ “Dairy Flavour” and “Chicken Flavour”:

  • By-products from chickens, beef and/or sheep, corn, rice, wheat flour, dried yeast, vitamins, minerals, color, salt, taurine, antioxidants, and cheese powder
  • By-products from chickens, beef and/or sheep, corn, rice, wheat flour, dried yeast, flavors (such as milk powder), vitamins, minerals, salt, taurine, antioxidants, and cheese powder

As you can see from the above, all of the ingredients in the Temptations recipes are nearly the same, so don’t let this fool you into thinking your cat is getting a different kind of food—it’s all the same stuff in different packets!

Now consider this – it looks like chicken by-products (i. e. The primary ingredients are beef and/or sheep byproducts and chicken offcuts.

After reading that, I believe the majority of people would believe they were treating their carnivorous cats to a meaty treat.


Wouldn’t it indicate that the meat is outweighed by three grains if the amounts of the third, fourth, and fifth ingredients—corn, rice, and wheat flour—were the same as those of the top two ingredients?

This is how pet food manufacturers make a product seem meatier than it actually is. Grains are cheap, which is why they are used so frequently, but they will try their best to hide the ingredients corn, rice, and wheat, since we all know that these are not foods that should be fed to carnivores!

So, the truth is more likely this:

Grain-based (wheat, rice, and corn) Temptations cat treats contain questionable meat by-products (off cuts), questionable food coloring, flavoring, and antioxidants.

Puts a different spin on it, doesn’t it?

It makes you wonder why you aren’t feeding fresh beef, lamb, or chicken to your pet carnivore instead—plus, it’s probably less expensive!

Food coloring, flavorings, and artificial preservatives are not added to fresh human grade meats, and I think we can all agree that those are bad things. In addition, cats don’t like food coloring, so it’s just done to make the treats look prettier to us.

If raw meats aren’t your thing, try a little bag of nutritious ZIWI Peak—it’s as good of a treat as any!

There are undoubtedly much better cat treats available, and if you currently give your cat Temptations, it’s possible that the cat food isn’t that great either (sorry to be blunt). Don’t forget to read the review on the cat food you feed him!


Can I give my cat Temptations everyday?

Remember, treats should only take up ten percent of your cat’s daily required calories intake. Read packaging labels for serving recommendations and check in with your vet to find out exactly how much to treat your cat. A healthy cat of average weight can have up to 12 Whiskas® Temptations Adult Cat treats per day.

Is Temptations healthy cat food?

Beyond being an enticing meal, TEMPTATIONS dry cat food is 100% complete and balanced for adult cats and made with high-quality protein that helps support strong and healthy muscles. This savory cat food contains 35 essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Is Temptations a good brand for cats?

Temptations cat treats are typically fine for cats when given in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Can temptations cause UTI in cats?

There have been reports of cats developing urinary tract problems after consuming these treats.