are there cats that dont shed

Russian BlueAnother minimal shedder, Russian Blues generally shed over a two- to three-week period just once or twice a year, Gonano says, and are easy to groom. They have a soft, dense double coat that is a distinctive silver blue. A medium-sized breed with a graceful, muscular build, the Russian Blue has a gentle temperament and is known for being easy to train.

Gonano claims that Siamese cats have coats that require little maintenance and can be maintained with regular brushing with a fine-tooth comb. Once their dead hair is removed, they’ll shed minimally. The Siamese breed, which is available in seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac point, has large ears, characteristic blue eyes, and a sleek, slim build. They enjoy spending time with and conversing with their people.

Devon RexThe Devon Rex is another curly-haired breed with a short coat. Kieger says these cats will develop a very tight bond with their owner, and they love attention. Of course, all that love will mean more hair, saliva and allergens on your clothes, so if you’re especially sensitive, consult your doctor.

This breed’s incredibly fluffy coat may make you think that every clingy surface in your house is covered in hair, but according to Hope Gonano, an allbreed judge for The Cat Fanciers’ Association, the breed actually sheds very little because of its non-matting coat, which requires less maintenance. Additionally, Birmans are intelligent, gentle and affectionate by nature. They are trainable and able to coexist in your home with kids and other pets.

Exotic Shorthairs are sometimes referred to as short-haired Persians, but Gonano notes that their thick, dense coat sheds very little and that they do need to be combed occasionally to get rid of any dead hair. Exotic Shorthairs are a calm, laid-back breed that are amiable and adapt well to both country and apartment living.

Even hairless cats occasionally shed, so there are no truly non-shedding cats, but they do shed far less than the majority of other breeds. Because of this, cats like the Sphynx, Peterbald, or La Perm are excellent choices for anyone with allergies as well as anyone who wants to avoid having cat hair all over their clothes and furniture. Choose the ideal cat for you by looking through all of the breeds of cats that don’t shed much below.