can a bengal cat kill a dog

Answer is, yes but very rarely. Cats are highly territorial and could severely maim, or even, kill a chihuahua. Combined that cats have very strong hunting drive and are know to kill things as big as rabbits. Even a large chihuahua is not fast or strong enough to kill a cat.

Even though dogs have teeth and aren’t prey animals, a young pup is still fairly vulnerable. I’ve seen cats kill rabbits in the past. A mini daschund puppy is incredibly small—much smaller than an adult rabbit.

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I honestly wouldn’t; it seems a little too dangerous. We took our girl, a staff/collie mix, to my mother’s house to introduce her. Wanting to play, she trotted up to my mother’s old moggy. the dog was almost double the size of the cat. My daughter was scared of her right up until the day the cat died. so a bengal cat & a wee totey mini daschund. nah, id be too wary. Perhaps a larger dog that wouldn’t endanger the cats?

One of our two Bengal cats hunts a lot, while the other is indifferent to being bothered. Our guinea pigs and bunnies are kept in cages, and the cats wait for them to approach sufficiently for hours by putting their paws through the bars. We would crate the puppy if we went outside at all, but of course I would expect a puppy or dog to be able to walk around the house without being afraid of its life. We want to get a miniature daschund, but I’m now thinking where its such a small animal, would it be foolish, would a cat be able to kill a puppy?

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Are Bengal cats OK with dogs?

With that in mind, Bengals often get along well with dogs. They associate best with dogs that can be a playmate for them, as it can burn some of the energy of both pets at once. Introducing a Bengal to a home with other pets is best done when the Bengal is just a kitten.

Are Bengal cats aggressive to dogs?

Bengals are not known for aggressive behavior, whether toward people or other animals.

Are Bengal cats killers?

No, Bengal cats are not dangerous. In fact, they are known to be one of the friendliest and most affectionate breeds of cats. Bengals are playful and energetic, but they are not aggressive.

How strong are Bengal cats?

With their strong, muscular bodies, Bengal cats are highly athletic and bursting with energy. They love to climb and are even known for enjoying the water. You’ll want to make sure your Bengal has a tall cat tree as well as toys that will exercise both their mind and body.