can a cat go 48 hours without food

Cats can survive for about two weeks without eating but only three days without drinking. The longer your cat goes without proper nutrition, however, the weaker they become, so it’s important to contact your vet if you suspect they haven’t eaten in a day or more.

Whether you find a stray or you’re concerned about your cat not eating, you might be wondering how long cats can go without food. It’s important not to overlook this for long, but just how urgent is it to see a vet?

The length of time cats can go without food and water, as well as the consequences of not eating and drinking, are covered in the sections below. Read on for more information.

What happens if cats don’t drink water for a few days?

Cats cannot survive without water for more than 2-3 days. Since wet food provides many cats with most of their daily water needs, it’s crucial to remember that a cat who isn’t eating is frequently also dehydrated.

If your cat isn’t drinking enough water, you can solve the problem by giving them a new, possibly shaped bowl or fresh water every day. Consider trying some low-flowing water, such as from a turned-on tap. On the other hand, if their water consumption patterns deviate from the norm, this may indicate a problem.

However, there is a catch: a cat who drinks a lot of water may also be dehydrated or suffering from a medical condition. Make sure to get in touch with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about your cat being dehydrated or drinking too much.

How long can cats go without food?

Cats could theoretically go one or two weeks without eating if they had access to water. However, any period longer than 24 hours is concerning. Cats who don’t get enough food will become noticeably weaker over time. Cats are significantly at risk of developing the severe liver disease hepatic lipidosis after just 2–7 days without food.

If your cat has been fasting for more than 24 hours, it is best to see a veterinarian right away. Although a very rare day of fasting is unlikely to harm your cat, early intervention increases the likelihood of success and lowers the possibility that your cat will require more extensive treatment. A cat stopping its food could also be a sign of a serious health issue.

It’s usually preferable to seek veterinary care as soon as possible rather than waiting more than 24 hours if your cat is extremely lethargic, vomiting frequently, or exhibiting other worrisome symptoms.


Will my cat be okay without food for 2 days?

The average cat can technically survive for one to two weeks without food if they have a water supply. However, without protein, it may be more like three to four days, even if they have enough water. With no water or food, it is unlikely that a cat would survive longer than three days.

What happens if a cat doesn’t eat for 48 hours?

However, any period longer than 24 hours is concerning. Cats will get significantly weaker the longer they don’t get enough nutrition. After just 2-7 days without food, cats are at significant risk of hepatic lipidosis, a severe liver condition.

Will my cat be OK alone for 2 days?

As long as fresh water is available, some cats can be left alone for up to 24 hours. However, longer or more frequent periods of time away, such as full days or nights away from home can be more disruptive. Your cat should not be left alone for long periods of time.

What if my cat hasnt eaten for 36 hours?

If your cat has not eaten or had water for more than 24 to 36 hours, you should bring them to the vet. When a cat does not eat or drink for days, they can lose their energy and nutrition. Once they have eaten, they can go back to being their fun, energetic selves.