can a cat have an abortion

Spaying Can Help Animal Rescue Groups

The fight against cat overpopulation is overwhelming for animal rescue organizations, humane societies, and TNR (trap-neuter-release) groups; these organizations dread “kitten season,” which lasts for a significant portion of the year in many regions. They are aware that the deaths of last year’s kittens or older cats in shelters will be attributable to this year’s kitten crop. There just isn’t enough room for them all, so something has to give. Young kittens are in the greatest demand when it comes to supply and demand.

Spaying a pregnant cat that has been rescued can aid in reducing the overpopulation issue. For the enormous number of homeless cats, there are just not enough homes. A planned litter prevention may also help keep living cats and kittens from dying. Some people believe that each kitten born to a pregnant female cat that is adopted by the finder and has good homes waiting for her kittens is somehow responsible for the death of another shelter cat or kitten that might have been adopted into one of those homes.

Naturally, there is no proof that the individuals who were going to visit the shelter would have instead chosen to adopt the mother and/or kittens. Maybe they hadn’t even known anyone was looking for a cat until they heard that a friend, neighbor, or coworker had kittens up for adoption. One shouldn’t be made to feel bad for permitting the birth if they are prepared to keep the mother cat and the kittens or find them loving, permanent homes. It goes without saying that the mother cat and her kittens need to be neutered and spayed as soon as possible.

Pregnancy Can Be Hard on the Queen

Pregnancy can result in even more health issues if the pregnant cat is extremely young, extremely old, or in poor health. Sometimes, spaying and terminating a cat’s pregnancy is the most humane and kind thing someone can do for her.

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