can a cat have bacon

Bacon certainly shouldn’t be a food you’re sharing with your kitty on the regular or in high quantities, and unfortunately, any more than that is seriously bad news for our feline friends. Bacon is crazily high in salt, so if lots of the stuff is fed to your kitty, it’s likely they’ll become seriously dehydrated.

Can Cats Eat Bacon?

Since your cat is a carnivore, it makes sense that while you’re eating bacon for breakfast, they would be pawing at your plate. So, is it acceptable to give your cat a taste of your crispy, salty, and delectable bacon?

Generally speaking, the answer is that your cat can eat bacon. That being said, bacon should continue to be a rare treat rather than something they eat every day. A tiny bit of bacon won’t harm your cat, but it might make them feel like the bacon-loving devil that they are.

If you have to give them some bacon, cut off a small piece of fully cooked bacon. We advise against drawing anything larger than a pencil’s eraser. This will give them a satisfying snack without any of the negative effects associated with higher dosages.

can a cat have bacon

Is Bacon Good for Cats?

Given its nutritional profile, you might assume that your purrfect princess could occasionally receive bacon as a treat. Considering that cats require protein in their diet and that bacon contains a variety of vitamins and minerals,

The truth is that you can give your cat foods that are much healthier and still contain the same nutrients.

For instance, cooked chicken breast or turkey have significantly less fat and salt, but your cat will still think they’re delicious. Additionally, keep in mind that they will always be receiving the precise ingredients they require to stay healthy as long as their primary cat food is nutritionally complete.

Is Bacon Used in Commercial Cat Food?

Although it’s not included in commercial cat food, bacon occasionally makes an appearance in cat treats. This could be the case because bacon has a strong flavor and aroma that attracts cats even more.

It won’t hurt a cat to get some bacon in a treat, but like all treats, this one should only be given occasionally.


Can I give my cat cooked bacon?

Whether it’s streaky, back, turkey bacon, or even bacon bits, bacon will not provide any nutrients your cat can’t get from healthier foods. If you really want to give your cat some bacon, you should give a tiny amount and make sure it’s cooked and any fat is removed.

Is bacon grease bad for cats?

Your cat shouldn’t ever eat bacon grease, so take care to rest her treat piece on a paper towel, then blot the rest of the grease off it. Remove the fatty bit from the meat, then dice up the meat and offer it to your kitty—if she loves it, you could use it as an occasional food topper if your cat isn’t eating.

Are bacon bits safe for cats?

Stay away from the candied bacon, bacon bits, and definitely don’t let your cat eat raw bacon. While cats need a daily allowance of minerals such as chloride, salt, and potassium, their requirements are covered by a well-formulated commercial food diet.

What meat can cats not eat?

Don’t feed a cat ham, bologna, salami, or other processed or smoked meats. Raw Fish. If you get sushi grade, very fresh fish, a small amount is likely okay, but otherwise raw fish may be contaminated with bacteria that could harm your cat.