can a cat purr when in pain

Although purring typically indicates happiness in our cats, they also purr to communicate when they are stressed, anxious or trying to communicate other needs, such as if they are in pain or uncomfortable.

If your cat is in pain, it might have trouble jumping, walking, or even standing up. Limping, shaking, and restlessness could also mean that something hurts. Your cat might not want to be held, struggle to find a comfortable posture, or avoid bearing all of its weight on an injured limb.

In older cats, arthritis is a common degenerative joint disease that causes pain. Ankle pain and trouble walking or jumping can be indicators of arthritis. For cats, the disease typically affects the elbow, ankle, knee, or hip joints (American College of Veterinary Surgeons).

An illness or condition could also be the cause of the discomfort. Common conditions that cause pain include:

Pain can make a normally amiable cat agitated or hostile. If other cats are in pain, they might not hide—in fact, they might want to spend more time with you. Pain could be the reason for any of the following behavioral changes in your cat:

When an episode of pain occurs, your poor pet might grimace or walk a little differently. Large pupils, glazed eyes, frequent blinking, or tail flicking may be observed. A hunched cat with its feet tucked under its body may be in pain.

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Will cats purr if they are in pain?

If your pet meows more often than normal, pain may be the reason. Cats in pain may also hiss or growl, particularly if you happen to touch a painful area. Purring doesn’t always mean that your cat is happy. In fact, purring can also occur if your pet is in pain or stressed.

Can a cat be sick and still purr?

Cats are survivors by instinct. So, when they’ve stopped drinking & eating that’s a sure sign that something is wrong. They can still sleep & purr & it may appear normal, but that will change if they’re not seen by a vet. Cats can hide illnesses extremely well.

How do you comfort a cat in pain?

Using warm and/or cold compresses can be another way to alleviate pain. Talk to your veterinarian about which might be more helpful for your cat and their specific condition. Pain, illness and injury are sometimes an unavoidable part of the life of every living creature.