can human eat wet cat food

All in all, eating cat food is not unsafe but is unhealthy. Canned food is safer than dry kibble since canned food is generally considered sterile. We probably wouldn’t eat either, but if you choose one, human-grade canned food is the way to go if you’re keen on satiating your curiosity about cat food.

The best food for cats? Scrumbles ofc!

Looking for the best cat food for your furry friend? Look no further than Scrumbles! We provide recipes for dry food, wet food, and treats that are specifically formulated for optimal gut health in cats and kittens. We avoid common allergens and nasty ingredients like artificial additives and incorporate pre- or probiotics into all of our recipes. Meticulously prepared to meet our kitties’ obligated carnivorous requirements, our food is made with premium meat or fish, and we never add unappealing plant proteins.

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  • Gut-friendly goodness: To promote gut health (and pretty poop!), we incorporate pre- or probiotics into all of our recipes and stay away from artificial nonsense like added sugar.
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  • Extra Sensitive: We steer clear of common allergens like dairy, soy, gluten, dairy, and eggs from all of our recipes for cats that are sensitive. For easier-to-digest protein, we also provide grain-free cat food options and adhere to a pollo-pescatarian diet.
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The Curiosity Kicks In

Imagine yourself browsing the pet store’s aisles and shelves in search of some excellent choices for your animal companion. Your gaze suddenly locks on a mouthwatering can of fishy goodness that appears far too delicious to be reserved for cats. “Hmm, if Fluffy can eat it, cant I too?” is a perplexing thought that we’re here to explore. It comes from the adventurous curiosity that lives inside of you!

The Forbidden Fruit (or Kibble)

While watching cat videos on Netflix may seem like a great way to unwind, it’s important to keep in mind that certain cat foods contain ingredients that are safe for Fluffy but not so much for people. For example, certain cat foods have higher than recommended amounts of certain minerals, like magnesium, which can be dangerous for humans when consumed in excess.

Furthermore, some conventional cat food products might contain artificial preservatives and additives that are safe for cats but could cause gastrointestinal distress in people. Therefore, even though sharing is caring, it would be preferable in this instance to give Fluffy the whole bowl to herself.

While humans and cats have different nutritional requirements, there are some human foods that you can both enjoy without any concerns. Ah, the purr-fect harmony of sharing a meal with our beloved feline friends!

  • Cooked Meat: Cats and humans alike enjoy cooked meat, whether it’s fish, poultry, or turkey. Just be careful not to add any seasoning or ingredients that might not be popular with our feline companions. This high-protein treat is sure to make your cat and you both drool in happiness!
  • Cooked Vegetables: Although cats aren’t known to be avid vegetarians, they can still benefit from eating certain cooked vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, and peas. These vibrant treats also provide a wealth of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to both humans and cats.
  • Cooked Rice: A mild treat that is kind to both human and feline stomachs is plain, cooked rice. It’s a great source of carbohydrates, which is particularly advantageous for cats who have sensitive stomachs.
  • Yes, you read that right: cooked, fresh salmon is a delicious treat that both people and cats can enjoy together. It is brimming with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which will support your heart health as well as give your pet a shiny coat.

But keep in mind that these should only be occasional treats because it’s very hard to give your cat the nutrition they need on your own. For this reason, it’s advisable to choose pre-made cat food from a manufacturer who complies with FEDIAF and other cat food regulations.


How many people eat cat food?

It is estimated that 68 million homes in the US own a cat or dog. Converting the study data to real life, this means that more than 5 million U.S. adults and more than 3 million U.S. children have consumed pet food.

Is pet food safe for human consumption?

Dog food isn’t designed for the unique nutrition needs of humans, though it is made from ingredients that are technically safe for humans to eat. Thus, it’s not inherently toxic for humans and may be safe in an emergency situation. However, eating dog food may increase your risk of developing foodborne illness.

Is wet cat food fully cooked?

Most healthy wet cat food is thoroughly cooked within the can, and many varieties include preservatives to extend shelf life.

Is wet cat food safe?

Feeding either wet or dry food, or feeding a combination of both can be a healthy and appropriate choice for your cat.