can i buy a maine coon cat

19. Maine Coon Cats Are Fascinated By Water

can i buy a maine coon cat

Maine Coon’s unlike most cats are actually fascinated by water. They are frequently seen playing with and admiring the flowing water from the faucet or flicking water out of their bowls.

Owners of Maine Coons also talk about how their cat enjoys watching them bathe or climbing in the shower with them. Much to the amusement of the owner.

It may surprise you to learn that Maine Coons do not really need frequent baths, even though they do love being near water. They groom themselves by licking their fur. This usually keeps them clean enough that the owner doesn’t need to give them a bath.

8. They Enjoy Keeping You Company

can i buy a maine coon cat

As your traveling companion, Maine Coons are very gregarious and enjoy making sure they don’t miss anything!

When you attempt to enter a room and shut the door, your cat will frequently meow or tap the door in a request to be let inside. This is not at all a negative thing, and it actually shows how close you are to your cat.

Certain Maine Coons are lap cats, content to curl up on your lap and unwind. Others would rather locate a comfortable area nearby to sit and watch. It fully depends on your Maine Coons personality.

If you’re searching for a cat that enjoys being petted and caressed, If so, a Maine Coon Cat is the ideal feline companion for you.

14. Neutering Or Spaying A Maine Coon Is A Good Idea

can i buy a maine coon cat

If they are not neutered, male indoor Maine Coon cats can be challenging to own. This is due to the fact that they will display behavior that is instinctive for them, like the following

  • sprinkling carpets and furniture throughout the house to indicate their territory
  • Increasingly hostile behavior that makes it challenging to play and pet them
  • Chewing or generally destructive behaviour.

When the season arrives, female Maine coons that have not been spayed indoors will also become unruly. They will frequently attempt to break out of the house and go outside, most likely in an attempt to locate a mate or other cat.

It’s crucial to understand how owning an unspayed female Maine Coon can affect your cat’s habits because they can also cause owners to become concerned when they exhibit a change in behavior during this time.

When purchasing a male or female Maine Coon, it’s a good idea to ask the breeder about neutering or spaying, or you can also get guidance and assistance from a veterinarian.


How much should a Maine Coon cost?

Adopting or purchasing a Maine Coon cat The cost of a Maine Coon kitten from a reputable breeder will be higher; the average price range of purchasing from a purebred Maine Coon breeder with a cattery could be anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000.

What do I need to know before buying a Maine Coon cat?

Maine Coons will work out how much exercise they need and act accordingly. This is a breed which needs access to outside space to keep them happy and active, as they are incredibly athletic, so they won’t do well as indoor cats. Maine Coon cats are natural swimmers and have a weather-proof, semi-water repellent coat.

Why is a Maine Coon so expensive?

As a result, their price tends to be higher due to the limited supply and high demand. Breeding and Health: Breeding Maine Coon cats can be costly due to the need for careful genetic screening to prevent health issues.

Is a Maine Coon cat a good pet?

Maine Coon cats have an affectionate nature and are very playful and friendly. They enjoy human company and this makes them excellent companions for someone who enjoys sharing their home with such an enormous cat. Maine Coon cats are noted for the delightful quiet chirping sound they make.