can i cut my cat’s matted fur

Never use scissors to try to cut mats out. For serious cases of matting, you should seek help from a professional groomer or your veterinarian. If the mats are only affecting your cat’s fur, a professional groomer can remove them either by combing or by shaving them off with electric clippers.

Edit 2. 0 I should have mentioned in the post that, from what I can tell, the majority of the matting is on top of the fur.

Edit: for anyone who’s wondering I am a minor. In an effort to pay for a groomer, I’m trying to find work. I’ve been telling my mom to take my dog to get his nails done because I also have a dog. I don’t think she would listen to me if I told her to take my cat to a groomer because she never listens. I’m hearing from everyone that I shouldn’t even attempt to untangle it. Additionally, I’m getting conflicting advice about cutting fur. Would it be better to use a buzzer with a guard attached? I’m not sure what they’re called.

Because I’ve been telling my mom for years that my cat needs a new brush and she’s been brushing me off and telling me that “he can deal with it on his own,” my cat’s back has matted fur. Please help, I can’t imagine it’s comfortable for him; if I have to cut it off, he’ll look foolish, but it’s better that he’s comfortable than foolish for a few months. Should I just cut it off, or should I find a way to detangle it?

Shaving carries risks, but this is the only way to remove certain mats. The cat must not be allowed to move or wiggle while the clipper is flat against their skin (without causing them additional stress) You should only work on small areas at a time, and you should only clip the areas that are fully visible. Skin fragments can be drawn up into cat matting, concealing them from view and making them extremely easy to cut.

To do this safely, though, there are certain methods that must be followed. Inappropriate use of clippers can cause harm to sensitive cat skin, and depending on the level of experience of the person doing the trimming, it may not always be possible to prevent it. Clipper blades are sharp and are designed to cut. The cat’s skin may get cut or even bleed if it wrinkles or gets trapped in the clipper blade’s teeth. Cats’ skin stretches and moves with them when they walk, so even tiny cuts have the potential to rip and grow into deeper wounds. For the proper course of action, you should consult your veterinarian about any skin injuries.

For all the matting to be removed, this adorable cat required a full Lion Cut. This is something that should only be done at a vet clinic or by a professional cat groomer.

Cat mats won’t benefit from brushing, using any sprays, or using “de-matting” products because they aren’t tangles. These products are meant to make hair smooth or slippery so that hairs can be brushed out without causing more damage, but sprays, creams, or conditioners won’t help remove dead hair because it’s already damaged and broken.

Shaving might be a better option than combing out matting when it’s too big, too tight, or in a sensitive area. Combing can cause the cat’s coat to rip and pull, which is extremely painful for their skin. A professional pet clipper with a #10 blade can often remove the mats more quickly and without any additional tugging of the skin.


How do you cut matted cat hair with scissors?

Scissors should never be used to remove hair mats. Often, hair mats are very close to the skin. If scissors are used, the skin may accidentally be cut while trying to remove the mat. If your pet has many hair mats, a professional groomer may be best able to remove the mats initially.

Why can’t you cut matted fur?

“You may be able to slowly work at the mat with a flea comb or make an appointment with a professional cat groomer,” Nold says. “Don’t try to cut out the hair mat with scissors, as you can cause more harm than good if the cat moves and you cut the skin instead.”

Can you shave a matted cat at home?

Just lightly graze the clippers along your cat’s coat to remove the matted fur. Check the temperature of the clippers frequently. Clippers heat up fast, and you don’t want the blade to burn your cat. Every minute or so, turn off the clippers and put your hand on the blade.