can i kiss my cat while pregnant

You should avoid kissing your cat on their lips while pregnant. Instead, a kiss on the top of the head will suffice. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. Cats have as much bacteria in their mouths as humans, so avoiding kissing them means it’s less likely they’ll spread diseases to you.

I have two old cats, one of whom is very affectionate and clingy and likes to lie on me. I am 39 years old and six weeks pregnant, so you can imagine that I am obsessed with doing everything right! I like to cuddle and kiss him, but I never change the litter. Is that dangerous?.

Certain diseases, like the flu or kennel cough, are not contagious, but there are several that you can contract from your cat. Zoonotic diseases. can be passed from animals to humans. These include:

Giving your cat a fast peck is probably low risk if you have a strong immune system and your cat is free of illness and parasites. But for some people, having contact with animals can be extremely dangerous. People who should avoid close contact with cats include:

Parents are often heard saying, “If you kiss the cat, you’ll wake up with whiskers!” This widespread misconception may deter young children from getting too close, but what are the true risks of kissing your cat? Just as we tend to avoid close contact with sick humans, you should also avoid kissing your sick cat. The challenge with pets is that we might not always be able to tell if they are sick or infected.

Rumor has it that a cat’s mouth is actually cleaner than a person’s. It is true that human and cat oral bacteria are extremely similar. Therefore, a cat’s mouth might not be any dirtier than ours at any given time. But cats’ mouths also harbor additional bacteria that lead to gum disease. They consume animals and insects that may carry diseases because they are predators. To be safe, avoid kissing your cat on the lips. A quick kiss on the head is just as loving and much less likely to result in illness. You may want to give your cat mouth wash or brush their teeth on a regular basis to make sure they have good oral hygiene. The best methods to accomplish this can be advised by your veterinarian.

Avoid close contact if your cat is ill or if your immune system is compromised. But it’s important to remember that, generally speaking, having a cat at home can actually improve your health Numerous studies indicate that owning a pet boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, and improves mood. Additionally, studies have shown that kids who live with animals have fewer allergies, maybe as a result of early exposure to different bacteria and viruses. A fast peck now and then won’t hurt if you and your cat are in good health.


Can I still kiss my cat when pregnant?

People who should avoid close contact with cats include: Very young children. Pregnant women. Immunocompromised people (such as those with HIV or undergoing cancer treatment).

Can I cuddle my cat when pregnant?

Absolutely! Petting your cat will not result in becoming infected. As a matter of fact, while Toxoplasmosis is a danger to an unborn baby, the chances of actually being infected are very low.

Is it OK to sleep with cat while pregnant?

Because it’s difficult for cats to transmit toxoplasmosis directly to their caregivers, a pregnant person is generally unlikely to contract the disease from their pet cat.

Is it OK to be around cats while pregnant?

Yes, you can keep your cat. You may have heard that cat feces can carry the infection toxoplasmosis. This infection is only found in cats who go outdoors and hunt prey, such as mice and other rodents. If you do have a cat who goes outdoors or eats prey, have someone else take over daily cleaning the litter box.