can you declaw a cat in new york

Andrew Cuomo signed Senate Bill S5532B /AB 1303, which bans the declawing of cats in the state of New York. Effective immediately, anyone who performs an onychectomy, phalangectomy, or tendonectomy procedure, with limited exceptions, on a cat within the state is subject to a civil penalty of up to $1,000.

The society stated in a statement published in late May that “cats that would lose their home if not declawed face a higher risk of euthanasia than if their owner were able to care for them.” “They also give up a comfortable and caring life to possibly live for years in unsuitable conditions for long-term care.” “.

Closeup of a cats clawsOver the objections of many in the veterinary community, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on July 22 making the Empire State the first state to ban cat declawing.

The Paw Project and Alley Cat Allies were two of the main groups promoting the prohibition. Supporters of Allies urged lawmakers to vote in favor of the bill with over a thousand messages, and it was passed on the yearly state Animal Advocacy Day, which brings pet owners and their animal companions to Albany.

“We will make sure that animals are no longer subjected to these needless and inhumane procedures by outlawing this antiquated practice,” Governor Cuomo said in a statement.

According to the law, unless it is medically necessary, anyone in New York who performs an onychectomy, partial or complete phalangectomy, or tendonectomy on a cat faces a fine of up to $1,000. According to the law, convenience and cosmetic or aesthetic reasons are not considered therapeutic purposes.

They claimed that although they had had New Yorkers come over and get declaws done, they were no longer accepting new patients.

They stated that although they are not accepting new clients, they will still perform the declaw if you come in for that alone. They claimed that they frequently have customers from New York come in for a declaw.

A neuter declaw is $707. They mentioned that a few customers had traveled from New York for a declaw.

According to the employee, a declaw/neuter costs $350, and while they are not currently accepting new patients, they have previously had people from New York come to their clinic to have their cats neutered.

The employee mentioned that many of their clients are from New York; she herself resides in the state and has had her cats declawed.


What US states is it illegal to declaw a cat?

There are only two states in the country where it is illegal to declaw a cat. The first state to ban this practice was New York. New York passed a comprehensive ban on this procedure in 2019. The second state was Maryland, which passed a similar ban in 2022.

Will vets still declaw cats?

How to train a cat not to scratch your stuff. Declawing is outlawed in many developed countries, but not the US and most of Canada. However, many American veterinary associations are opposed to declawing, except as a last resort. Before you resort to declawing your cat, try training it first.

Is it OK to declaw a house cat?

Why is declawing bad? Declawing can cause paw pain, back pain, infection, tissue necrosis (tissue death) and lameness. Removing claws changes the way a cat’s feet meet the ground and can cause pain like wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Improperly removed claws can regrow, causing nerve damage and bone spurs.

Is it OK to declaw an older cat?

Cats get used to having those nails and function with those nails. And when you remove those in an older cat, you can actually cause more behavioral issues afterward. So we always try to perform these procedures when they’re younger.