can you flush cat poop down the toilet

Always avoid flushing cat poop down the drain because not only could it potentially contain harmful parasites called toxoplasmosis, the litter could sit in your line and lead to a clog. Plenty of waste gets flushed down your toilet every day, so what harm could a little cat poop and cat litter do?

Is There Risk to Humans?

Cat waste can pose a health risk to people when flushed down the toilet. If you do this, shellfish, game animals, or livestock may come into contact with parasites from your cat’s feces. In the event that this meat is subsequently served raw or undercooked, consumers may become ill.

In actuality, 40 million Americans have toxoplasma gondii infection, according to the CDC. They can contract it by eating contaminated seafood or by coming into contact with anything that has come into contact with contaminated cat excrement, such as drinking from contaminated streams. That includes just cleaning a cat litter box.

The majority of individuals infected with these parasites experience no symptoms at all. However, the parasite can seriously harm a person’s health if they are pregnant or have weakened immune systems.

It Spreads a Parasite

Cats are frequently infected with a parasite called toxoplasma gondii. The parasite causes an infection called toxoplasmosis. It is usually harmless to cats. The parasite only finds a host in cat excrement to lay its eggs in. If not, the immune system of the cat typically keeps the infection at a low enough level for the cat to remain healthy. But it does not stop the develop of eggs. These eggs are tiny and surprisingly tough. They might endure for a year before they start to develop. But that’s the problem.

Toxoplasmosis eggs cannot be handled by our wastewater system. Rather, the majority of eggs will flush down the toilet and end up in wastewater treatment plants and sewers. The sewage is usually dumped into nearby rivers, lakes, or oceans after being cleaned of many other dangerous substances. The eggs of toxoplasmosis can find new hosts here, such as otters, crabs, starfish, and many other types of wildlife. For many, this is a significant risk to their health. Additionally, toxoplasmosis has the potential to contaminate water sources crucial to agriculture, thus infecting our deer, pigs, and sheep as well.

Can you flush cat litter?

Not just the excrement from your cat should be flushed. You can’t flush the litter, either.

According to Dr. Murithi, flushing cat litter can cause major plumbing blockages.

“It is known that cat litter expands about fifteen times when it comes into contact with water,” Dr. Murithi said. “It also hardens like cement. This may result in plumbing system issues that require costly repairs. ”.


Is it okay to put cat poop in the toilet?

In conclusion, cat litter and cat poop are not supposed to be flushed down your toilet. Not only does it cause harm to humans, but it also causes harm to the environment and wildlife as well.

How should you dispose of cat poo?

Whatever litter you use, to avoid spreading Toxoplasma and other dangerous organisms, never dump it outside. Place it in a plastic bag, tie it shut, and put it in your regular garbage. A biodegradable bag will give it a better chance to break down in the dump.

Can dog and cat poop be flushed down the toilet?

A veterinary surgeon from the UK has issued a stern warning to pet owners: never flush your dog or cat’s faeces down the toilet. In a video shared online, Ben emphasised the presence of harmful bacteria in animal waste that can lead to serious health issues in various species, including humans.

Can you flush pretty litter poop?

Is Pretty Litter biodegradable? No. Pretty Litter is made from silica gel, which is not biodegradable or flushable and should be disposed in the trash.