can you leave a cat alone for 2 days

As long as fresh water is available, some cats can be left alone for up to 24 hours. However, longer or more frequent periods of time away, such as full days or nights away from home can be more disruptive. Your cat should not be left alone for long periods of time.

How long can you leave an elderly cat alone?

Changes in routine can have a greater impact on senior cats, so be mindful of the possibility of anxiety and keep an eye out for signs of stress in their behavior upon your return. Your elderly cat will require routine check-ins if they have a particular feeding schedule or need their medication at certain times.

While adult cats can be left alone for up to 24 hours at a time, senior cats should ideally only be left alone for 12 hours at a time, depending on their needs and habits. You can always find out from your veterinarian how long they believe your elderly cat can safely remain at home alone.

can you leave a cat alone for 2 days


Any breakable objects, plants, or other items your cat might like to chew on (like wires or plastic bags) should be placed in a closed room out of the reach of any potentially bored or nervous cats.

Certain cat toys, such as balls, handleless paper bags, and cardboard rolls from p. or paper towels, stuffed animals, and toys with catnip inside are usually okay to leave out for your cat to play with while you’re gone. Make sure to get the following before leaving your cat alone because other cat toys could be dangerous if you’re not around to supervise:

  • Dangling toys
  • Flirt toys with ribbons, feathers, strings or elastic
  • Small parts on cat toys that could be chewed off and swallowed, like bells
  • Anything edible that your cat might play with around the house (such as bottle caps, rubber bands, dental floss, and hair ties)

Before leaving your cat alone, make sure all human food is out of reach because some human foods are toxic to cats.

Ensure that the temperature in your home is comfortable for your cat by adjusting the thermostat. With smart thermostats, you can check and adjust your settings from a distance, making things even easier.

Though it could be tempting to draw all the shades closed for privacy or energy savings while you’re away, think about leaving one or two open so your cat can enjoy a sunny window nap.

Numerous video monitoring apps are available that allow you to see your cat from a smartphone. Certain cameras even allow you and your cat to hear each other’s voices! This is a great way to give yourself peace of mind when traveling or to quickly lift your spirits during the workday!

You can allow a show or music to stream quietly while you’re away if you know your cat likes (or is used to) having the TV on or playing.


Cats do nap a lot during the day, but they also spend time being aware and engaged in activities. Ascertain that they have access to several windows and provide them with toys or cat enrichment activities to chase around.

can you leave a cat alone for 2 days


Is it OK to leave a cat alone for 48 hours?

The length of time you can leave a grown-up cat alone depends on the cat, his diet, and your environment. Cats who eat dry food that you can make readily available may be left on their own for 24-48 hours as long as fresh water is accessible as well.

Will my cat be OK if I leave for 2 days?

How long can cats safely be left alone? Most adult cats are fine being left home alone for up to 24 hours, under the right conditions (more on that below). If you need to leave for two or three days, a full week, or longer, you should make sure someone is coming over to care for your cat daily.

Can I leave my cat home alone for 3 days?

No matter how independent your cat is, we do not recommend leaving your cat alone without daily visits from a friend or a professional cat-sitter for more than two or three days. Today, there are many options to care for your cat while you are away. Keep in mind that, cats tend to be independent, territorial animals.

How long are you allowed to leave a cat alone?

Most cats will be ok if they are left for the day or overnight, but the maximum amount of time you should leave them alone is around 12 hours. You shouldn’t be regularly leaving your cat alone for 12 hours, but this is ok to do occasionally if needed.