did the cat blender guy get arrested

However, some viewers noted that the video’s spoken language was Dutch, not Chinese. It caused confusion since some began to speculate that the horrifying video might have originated in the Netherlands. There were other platforms where the same video of the man getting beat up was shared.

@Cautious_Ramen, a Reddit user, questioned whether the original cat video originated in China. The user went on to say that they looked up the name of the store that is shown in the video and looked up details about the fight. It happened in January and had nothing to do with the video of the cat. The fight occurred between some rivaling teens.

The video’s caption claimed that the person being jumped was the one responsible for the “cat in a blender” video. The video was shared on Twitter by @kiekasei. Expand Tweet.

It was discovered that China is where the popular cat blender video that went viral last week and caused a stir on the internet first appeared. The culprit was also reportedly arrested by the police. On May 7, though, a fresh video emerged online in which a bunch of boys were seen assaulting another boy.

This widely shared video also included a text overlay that was written in another language but in English capital letters. Someone responded to a user who asked for translations by saying it was in Dutch. A number of other users mentioned that this fight video was different from the cat blender video, which originated in China.

A man who blended a live cat was given a two-month prison sentence. This horrific act of animal abuse is intolerable, and the penalty is not appropriate for the crime. As per the Animal Legal Defense Fund, there are felony penalties for animal cruelty in only half of the US states. This indicates that a large number of criminals receive light sentences for their crimes. In this instance, the man blended a live cat and uploaded videos of it to the internet. When deciding on his sentence, it is important to take into account the fact that he displayed no remorse and even boasted about his actions. Animal abuse is a public safety issue in addition to a moral one. Research has indicated that those who mistreat animals are more likely to act violently toward people as well. We insist on seeing justice done and that this offender is given a heavier punishment for his heinous deeds. We implore legislators to reinforce the laws against animal abuse and make sure that those who carry out these crimes are held responsible. Sign this petition to express your support for harsher punishments for those who mistreat animals and for the rights of innocent animals, such as the one that this offender brutally blended alive.


How long did the cat blender guy go to jail for?

A man was sentenced to only two months in prison for blending a live cat. This heinous act of animal cruelty is unacceptable and the punishment does not fit the crime. According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, only half of all states in the US have felony penalties for animal cruelty.

Did the person that put the cat in the blender get arrested?

A MONSTER who put a cat in a blender before killing a stranger because her girlfriend “thought it would be hot” has been jailed.

Who is the guy that put the cat in the blender?

Scarlet Blake, who killed a cat and put animal in blender, found guilty of man’s murder. Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, was found dead in the River Cherwell at Parson’s Pleasure, in Oxford, in July 2021.

Did a cat get put in a blender?

In the grotesque livestream video, Blake had filmed herself skinning and dissecting her neighbor’s cat while it was still alive — before dumping its dead body in a blender. The footage had the New Order song “True Faith” playing in the background as an homage to the Netflix documentary, the court heard.