do calming sprays work for cats

Pheromone diffusers, sprays, or collars do tend to work for the majority of pets, however, some pets are less sensitive to them. We always recommend using pheromone products in conjunction with other methods, such as positive reinforcement training to modify unwanted behaviors, and environmental changes if required.

How to Use Calming Pheromones

Calming pheromones for cats and dogs come in different formats. Plug-in diffusers are great for using at home, but you’ll need to use collars, sprays, or wipes when traveling with your pet if you want the same benefits. Dogs of different sizes can wear different sizes of collars, and Dr Tynes says that they should be changed each month.

Dr. Tynes suggests using relaxing pheromone sprays or wipes when traveling, taking trips to the veterinarian, or taking a vacation with your pets. Apply the spray to a blanket, bandana, or even your own clothes for cats approximately ten minutes before bringing them inside the car or into the carrier, according to Dr. Tynes says. “The pheromone will last for about four hours after administration.” ”.

Types of Cat Calming Aids: Collars Versus Diffusers Versus Sprays

Choosing a pheromone spray, diffuser, or collar for your cat will depend on a number of factors, such as their preferences (some cats will not tolerate collars), the type of environment they live in (indoors or outdoors), and how often they need relief (daily care or occasional stressful episodes).

A collar is a wise choice for cats who require constant calm because it can offer continuous relief since it follows them wherever they go. Certain cats may find comforting scents like lavender or chamomile appealing, but those with more perceptive noses may find these collars off-putting.

For the scent-averse cat, the ComfortZone Breakaway Calming Collar is a safe, fragrance-free option. It makes sense for outdoor use, where a diffuser won’t work. Most collars will lose their efficacy after 30 days.

But since they are often stiff, not every cat will enjoy wearing a calming collar. Additionally, although it happens infrequently, cats with delicate skin can react. In these cases, a plug-in diffuser makes sense.

Diffusers for single-cat homes, like the Feliway Classic, replicate the feline facial hormone for a sense of calm. Multi-cat homes will do better with their Multi-Cat Diffuser, which uses a calming mammary pheromone.

The majority of diffusers require refilling every 30 days, just like pheromone collars. Although they’re undoubtedly a practical choice, some customers have complained about spills or oil stains left on the wall. The majority of the diffusers we discovered had a 700 square foot coverage area, which was adequate to maintain calm in some high-stress locations like feeding stations.

To cover a larger space, it’s worth considering a wallet-sparing value pack like the Comfort Zone Value Pack, which comes with three diffusers and six refills.

As an alternative, a pheromone spray provides more accuracy than a diffuser that scatters pheromones throughout the atmosphere. Applying pheromones directly where you need them (around a litter box, feeding area, or cat carrier, for example) is possible with a spray.

Sprays also make for a more portable option, so they’re good for relieving nerves on the go, whether that looks like a stressful trip to the vet or a cross-country move. The bSerene Pheremone Spray, for example, can be sprayed on a crate or a favorite blanket (just not directly on your cat). This spray entices cats with catnip oil, but it needs to be reapplied periodically for results to last.

See “The Best Cat Calming Collars and Diffusers for Anxious Kitties” for additional illustrations of feline pheromone products available on the market. ”.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

According to Dr., cat and dog pheromones are extremely safe for animals of any age, regardless of their health, and they are safe to use with any other medication that an animal may be receiving because they do not require absorption into the bloodstream or metabolism by the animal to have an effect. Tynes. Dog and cat pheromones, however, shouldn’t be thought of as the panacea for behavioral issues. “Pheromones don’t ‘fail to work,’ but they might just be insufficient on their own to solve an issue entirely,” Dr. Tynes says.

“It will also be necessary to implement an appropriate behavior modification program that includes desensitization, counter-conditioning, and positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior to help the pet overcome its fears or anxiety regarding certain situations,” Dr. Tynes adds.

By: Diana Bocco

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Does cat calming spray actually work?

Research on cat pheromone diffusers is still in its early stages, but there does seem to be evidence that they may help soothe anxious cats and decrease tensions between cats (or even cats and dogs) living in the same household. They’re not a magic cure-all, though.

How long does it take for calming spray to work on cats?

The calming spray begins to work within 10 minutes and the long-lasting, concentrated spray continues to work up to four hours when used as directed. Plus, it’s safe to use wherever your cat spends time when stressed and is safe to use around pets and home when used as directed.

Is it safe to use calming spray on cats?

Safe & effective: calming feline spray is safe and effective when used as directed, without long-term side effects.

What is the best spray to calm cats?

Feliway Classic Calming Spray This may reduce scratching and urine spraying behavior, since your cat won’t feel the need to compete for control of an area. To use Feliway Classic Calming Spray, first clean the area’s surface, then spritz it with the easy-to-use spray bottle.