do cat noir and ladybug ever get together

Do Ladybug and Cat Noir, AKA Marinette and Adrien, get together in the Miraculous movie? Yes, the pair are endgame in the movie, as the animated feature is basically an encapsulation of the whole series.

Synopsis”Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir” attracted the audience with its unforgettable tale of love, heroism, and secrets. As Marinette and Adrien navigate their dual lives as superheroes and ordinary teenagers, their journey unravels different mysteries.

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In “Ladybug and Cat Noir,” Adrien and Marinette first cross paths as their superhero personas. Her cunning and combat prowess leave Cat Noir in awe. He urged her to try again when she felt bad about her error in the following episode. He was even more delighted when she instantly defeated Stoneheart, prevented Mylène from falling, and captured the akuma, all while giving a speech to the entire city of Paris.

In “Stoneheart,” he also encounters Marinette at school in her civilian form, but he doesn’t have a good first impression. Marinette believes he was attempting to place a chewing gum piece on her seat when, in reality, Chloé was the one who did it. Though deeply offended, Adrien makes amends with Marinette the following day at the end of the episode when he kindly offers his umbrella to her in the rain and gives her a warm smile. Plagg responds by teasing him in jest, claiming that he has a crush on her. Adrien dismisses it, cheerfully replying that she’s “just a friend” because he had just established one on his own.

When he tries to set Marinette up with Nino in “Animan,” Adrien shows that he only likes her as a friend and is completely unaware of her feelings for him. He finds her to be an amazing artist and occasionally expresses his affection for her. Even though he observes her occasional awkward behavior around him, he still provides her with support and encouragement because he knows she is a good person. They interact more in later episodes like “The Mime,” “Kung Food,” and “Gamer,” where Adrien treats her like a good friend by being amiable and encouraging. Because Marinette made him a Christmas hat in “Santa Claws,” he thinks of her as a very kind person. He stands up for Marinette in “Despair Bear” when Chloé accuses her of calling the fire department, even though he knows she would never do that—especially during her father’s lesson. Later, at Chloé’s party, he asks Marinette to slow dance. He remarks that her baking is just as good as her dancing after the party. He tells Marinette during “Befana” that he always travels with her lucky charm bracelet. When they fence together in “Riposte,” he accepts her remark that he is attractive. He carefully demonstrates to her the proper fencing stance and goes over the regulations. Later, he tells Kagami that he likes Marinette and describes her as a very good friend who, despite her occasional clumsiness, is nice, honest, and fair. He also believes that Marinette would never cheat. In “Gorizilla,” he also tells Marinette about his mother playing a character in the movie and thanks her for helping him hide from fans on the way to the theater.

He wonders why Marinette has photos of him in her bedroom during “Troublemaker,” following the airing of the live footage of her room from Fill My Shoes. She explains to him that it’s because she loves fashion when he confronts her. He makes fun of it and asks her to join him for a photo session. Though in the French dub he refers to her as a friend rather than a fan, he nonetheless tells Marinette that he is happy to have her as a fan. Jeremy Zag has confirmed what has been suggested—that Adrien is now aware of Marinettes’ feelings for him. [1].

Adrien had faith in Marinette even though she appeared anxious about her derby hat during “Style Queen,” as he knew her design would be excellent if his father selected her as the winner. He told her to be proud of her design and expressed his happiness that she would be able to travel to New York with Audrey. He was upset with her in “Malediktator” because she was commemorating Chloé’s irate and unhappy departure from Paris. Having grown up with Chloé as his only friend, he was unable to be happy about her departure. In “Frozer”, he sought Marinettes advice about romance. Adrien asked her to accompany him to the ice rink when she mentioned it, and upon noticing her sadness, he went to see how she was doing. Following the incident, Marinette asked him if he would like to return to the ice rink with the entire group. He agreed and would work on freeing his schedule.

He informed her in “Catalyst” that his father had given him permission to attend her tasting. Though she assured him she had plenty of pastries, he was disappointed when she didn’t have enough for him. After hearing that it would be cool if he could attend, he grinned and followed her inside the school. When Rose broke the news of Ladybug’s akumatization and Cat Noir’s defeat, he and Marinette were taken aback. And even more so when Scarlet Moth’s name was revealed on television by three villains Then, akumatizing Rose, Ivan, Mylène, Alix, Kim, Sabrina, and Max, Scarlet akumas flew into the school. Being courageous, Juleka resisted it and prevented himself and Marinette from being akumatized. He referred to the Marinettes in “Mayura” as their “Super Marinette” and their “everyday Ladybug” because he was so moved by their generosity. She surprised him by kissing him on the cheek as a thank you, and he smiled and said, “You’re welcome.”

Adrien was shocked to learn that Marinette was also in Shanghai when they visited the city in “Miraculous Shanghai.” and discovered through her uncle that she was out; like her friends, Marinette was accustomed to arriving late. When Wang got worried, he went to look for her. When he discovered that she wasn’t very good at Chinese, he offered to teach her the language. They celebrated her uncle’s birthday together after she was found.

He and Marinette discovered the truth about Lila’s deceit in “Chameleon.” After he walked into the classroom, he smiled at her. He was a little taken aback when she turned away, but he still grinned as he approached the desk next to her. Telling Marinette that taking the high road was a good idea, I briefly sat next to her and enjoyed being in the back. He witnessed the Marinettes try to expose Lila after she had been de-akumatized, but he told her that this wasn’t the proper way to correct someone.

Nino gave Adrien the idea that Marinette might despise him during their visit to the wax museum in “Puppeteer 2.” He made the incorrect approach in an attempt to make her feel at ease around him out of concern that they would lose their friendship. He pretended to be a wax figure, but in the end, he wounded the Marinettes’ sentiments. He confessed his love for another girl to her and expressed regret for deceiving her on their way home. He was glad they could remain friends. In “Stormy Weather 2,” Adrien received his schoolwork and a note from Marinette upon returning home after defeating Stormy Weather once more. Examining it, he concluded that it was from someone at school because her handwriting matched that on the Valentine’s card. It seemed peculiar to him that it originated from Marinette, recalling all the instances in which she displayed nervousness in his presence but dismissed it, recalling her passion for style.

In “Reflekdoll,” Adrien assists Marinette with a photo shoot for her website because they have an hour to spare before the film’s villainous figure attacks. When he finally caught up with her, he told her to hide in the car but then witnessed Reflekta strike her. He returns to helping Marinette and her friends complete the shoot after she loses. Adrien was taken aback when she selected him to be Jagged’s new guitarist during “Desperada.” Knowing that Marinette wouldn’t cheat or steal, he wanted to establish her innocence and assist her in returning to school after she is expelled from “Ladybug.”

He was pleased that Marinette and Kagami were getting along in “Battle for Miraculous.” Adrien wanted her to flee with them after seeing her and Kagami at the anniversary celebration. Playing in the ball-filled pool on the hotel roof, they enjoyed time together. He was astounded by Marinette’s appearance with her hair down during their fun, describing it as gorgeous. Following their escape from the event, Marinette asked him if they would face consequences from their parents. In response, he said that this was one of the few occasions they were able to defy their expectations. Following the Hawk Moths’ defeat, Adrien, her, and their friends all enjoyed ice cream.

Adrien was first disappointed that he couldn’t join them during their Friendship Week stay in New York, but he was incredibly appreciative of Marinette when he learned that she had persuaded his father to go. He enjoyed being with her, even though they had awkward moments together. They would go out and enjoy the sunset and dance in the air. But after a serious accident, Adrien was able to return home. He thanked Marinette for helping him travel to New York and said he wouldn’t have minded staying longer with her. Adrien was surprised to receive a picture of his friends and smiles during the plane ride home.

He continues being friends with Marinette in “Mr. Pigeon72” was taken aback to see her at his most recent photo session, but even more so when he realized she had retained his umbrella from their second encounter on his first day of school.

They both went to see Harry Clown’s show; she attempted to use humor to vent her frustrations, but when he watched her leave in dismay, Adrien attempted to pursue but was thwarted by his bodyguard in “Psycomedian.” Adrien told Marinette that she was funny in her own unique way after deakumatizing Harry. He had no trouble assisting her and their class on a movie project in “Queen Banana.” And while I knew that some of Marinette’s statements in “Guiltrip” didn’t always make sense, they weren’t intended to be offensive.

In “Optigami,” Adrien becomes trapped in the elevator with Marinette during the Style Queens’ attack. As she calls for assistance, he alerts her to the presence of curious onlookers. In “Wishmaker,” he encounters her at the Career Expo and shares her dilemma of having to make a decision about his future.

When Marinette tried to cheer him up with a gift during “Glaciator 2,” he was embarrassed to see her throw it away even though it looked nice. Then Andrés invited her to his fencing competition following his deakumatization.

In “Risk,” Adrien didn’t want to travel the world to be with his friends, especially Marinette, unlike most people who would be content to do so. He confided in her while they were at school and she was still feeling the effects of Risk, telling her how he really felt about his father and what he thought about modeling, so she would know that she is the only person who truly knows him.

Adrien came to the realization that Marinette was correct when she suggested he tell his father the truth after saving Fluff. And when he sees how simple it was, he begins to appreciate how unique she really is. Since then, his feelings for her have started to shift, so he made the decision to figure out how to get over them by taking her back to the Wax Museum for a date. In “Determination,” he confesses that their last visit was where his feelings for her first began. When he found her alone, he noticed that Marinette was agitated once more. He attempted to reassure her, but was informed that their relationship wouldn’t last. He calmly told Marinette that she could tell him anything. At first, she thinks it’s him, but she clarifies that it’s her inability to act normally around him that’s causing the problems. Once Manipula was deakumatized, Adriens romantic feelings towards her grew.

Then, in “Reunion” and “Passion,” he tries to find ways to show her how much he loves her. He even asks for her advice regarding Nathalie and is pleased that she still manages to make him smile. When he visits Marinette at the Dupain-Cheng bakery in “Elation,” he is disappointed to see that she is sending a bag of choquettes and doesn’t want any visitors. After the entire adventure, Adrien was once more let down that he couldn’t love her while wearing both masks. However, after learning more from Plagg, he wasn’t prepared to give up because he knew Marinettes would eventually feel the same way again.

He tried to confess his feelings to a dejected Marinette during “Transmission,” but he was disappointed when she didn’t reciprocate. Later, after they are released from their heroic duties, Adrien tries again, going back to the bakery and her again, but this time they accept each other’s feelings as they observe their successors handling everything just fine. In “Deflagration,” he goes to lunch with Marinette, despite Chloés’s attempts to sabotage it. His feelings for Marinette are growing stronger, and in “Perfection,” he continues to express them musically.

Adrien felt in “Migration” that she was hiding something, and he wondered how he could love her if he didn’t know everything about her. However, Luka advised him to be patient and take his time, getting to know her as much as she got to know him. which materialized when they went on their first official date to the pool in “Derision.” Observing Marinette suffer panic attacks, Adrien discovered that her behavior toward him stemmed from her status as Chloé’s go-to joke and her first breakup with Kim the previous year. Kim accepts his hand, stating that she isn’t ready, and he calmly responds that he will wait for her. After Kim is de-emphasized, they discuss their fears of being hurt and how, if they were together, they could control them.

He participated in his classmates’ attempts to bring them together in “Protection,” but Adrien felt awkward and decided to have a picnic with Marinette in his parents’ garden instead. Up until it was destroyed by an akumatized Kagami who hurried to Marinette’s defense because he thought she was a manipulator. After their friend was deakumatized, they made things right. Following that, he takes their relationship slowly and acts as though they have endless time together.

In “Adoration,” Adrien is approached by Marinette, who has finally found the confidence to express her feelings to him, and he reciprocates. But even though their dream of becoming a couple does come true in “Emotion,” Adrien and Marinette are never together because he disregarded his father’s orders and didn’t tell her about the Diamonds dance. Adrien wasn’t happy seeing the city empty after Félix used the Peacock Miraculous to create a free world for those like them, and he wasn’t happy without the people he loved, especially Marinette, but when he learned that she was hidden away before Argos vanished, everyone became happy. After being brought to her hiding place, Adrien was horrified to see her gone, and when Argos was unable to bring her back, he became devastated and furious that she was lost forever. Relieved to see Marinette safe, he hugged her and demanded that Félix restore everyone, including her. They had ice cream together the following day, and when he expressed that his father didn’t approve of them being together, she recommended they have a conversation with Gabriel. He asked to schedule one, but he stayed obedient.

When Marinette and his father finally have a conversation in “Pretension,” Adrien stays with her until he is told to go. But after that, he struggled with his emotions about parting ways with her after witnessing her defy his father and always be there for him. He was inspired by her bravery, but Adrien was unable to reciprocate near the end of their video chat because he lacked the courage to inform her that his father would be severing their relationship by the end of the school year. In “Revelation,” he leaps to the Marinettes’ defense after Lila posts false information about her on Hoaxer. When Adrien realized how much harm Lila’s lies had caused, he finally apologized to Marinette for telling her to wait. She counters that what she loved about him was his ability to see the kindness in others, and she gives him her word that they will reveal her.

But from “Confrontation” to “Revolution,” Adrien also learned what it was like to be Marinette, with something important to say, but not having the courage to say it for fear of upsetting her or being interrupted. Nevertheless, he was certain of one thing: he didn’t want to be apart from Marinette, but after ending Chloe’s despotism, he had to face the hard truth of having to tell her over the phone how hurtful it was and that he wasn’t deserving of her love. Adrien gives her a heartfelt farewell kiss before he departs and regretfully boards the plane again for London.

After Monarch granted his wish in “The Last Day,” he and Marinette remained together, and he received his parents’ wedding band. His girlfriend informed him that, despite his lack of direction in life, he had plenty of time to figure it out.

In the eponymous episode, he plays Cat Noir and joins forces with Marinette to stop the Evillustrator, vowing to keep her safe. He gives her a playful, flirtatious introduction by kissing her hand and flexing his muscles. Subsequently, in the guise of Adrien, he inquires about her opinion of Cat Noir and deduces, based on her confused reply (which appears to be her attempt to convey that he, Adrien, is more attractive), that she finds him attractive. Disappointed that Ladybug failed to show up for a scheduled date, he stops by Marinettes balcony in “Glaciator.” Admitting to her that they are both experiencing issues with love, he lifts her spirits by revealing his surprise for Ladybug and feeling pleased that someone found it endearing.

In “Miraculous Shanghai,” Adrien’s closeness to Marinette is once again evident. After learning that she was lost in the city, he changed into Cat Noir in the hopes of having a better chance of finding her. However, after realizing how large the city was, he got in touch with Ladybug to increase his chances. He was relieved that YanLuoShis was safe and sound following her deakumatization.

After interacting with Gigantitan during “Weredad,” he unexpectedly ran into Marinette. He was taken aback when she declared her love for him and extended an invitation to brunch with her family. Nevertheless, Cat Noir admitted that he wasn’t truly in love with Ladybug and was disappointed that he broke her heart (not realizing that she was happy), all in an effort to stay loyal to his feelings for her while avoiding hurting Marinette. He took full responsibility when it led to Tom’s akumatization. Later, he was happy to hear that Marinette was okay and thought she was such a great girl that he thought maybe she was one of his fans who wanted to let her know that he had previously happily accepted their friendship. Adrien continues to monitor the safety of the Marinettes in Alya’s Instagram posts as Cat Noir. [2].

When Shadow Moth kidnapped Marinette in “Sentibubbler,” he expressed concern for her. When he got to Alya’s house, she told him that Rena was already there and had a plan. She replied that she had the best seat in the house when he asked her how she knew. After the main sentient monster departs, he obtains the Marinettes’ consent to delay her, telling her to hold on and she will soon be set free.

In “Glaciator 2,” Cat Noir initially believed Marinette needed assistance when he heard her calling, but in reality, she needed a partner who could pretend to be her lover. He discovered during the session that her lover’s code name was Buttercup, and that it was actually him in civilian clothes. Cat recognizes that Marinette is being too harsh on herself when she feels like this isn’t working. During a break at the movies, he overhears Marinette confess that her issue with guys is that she gets obsessed with hiding herself after making a mistake with a significant other. As he leaves, he acknowledges that he has the opposite issue, finding Ladybug to be so wonderful that it’s difficult to let her go out of fear of disappointing and earning her hatred, but Marinette retorts that she doesn’t

After getting back home, they attempted to practice again but Glaciator cut them off. She then tried again, and this time, speaking from the heart, Cat Noir thought her speech was lovely and wished them luck in their romantic pursuits.

Despite his best efforts to avoid her, Adrien turns into Cat Noir in “Elation” in an attempt to flee a crowd of fans and see Marinette. As they head out for ice cream, Cat tells her that he has been eyeing her from her balcony and that he can’t stop thinking about her. He soon learns that she is the same and is so full of love, but their moment is cut short when he finds out from André that she was in love with his alter ego, which Marinette confirms. Additionally stating that her passionate chase of him led her to behave in the worst manners imaginable, and Cat Noir concurring with his pursuit of Ladybug The hero was apprehensive when Marinette said that he still had his fans because he thought they wouldn’t be present if he were unmasked, but she responded that they would be, and they soon planted passionate kisses on each other.

But he quickly understood that it was improper to force her to fall in love with a stranger. Next, as Marinette sobs uncontrollably over not being able to love the person she wants, Cat Noir somberly responds, “She could, but he couldn’t.” Things worsen when Monarch notices her feelings. Seeing her almost akumatized, he urged her to resist his influence, but she was afraid of giving in. He saved her with a kiss, which only made their relationship more awkward and made it clear that a relationship wouldn’t work. After Andres’ deakumatization, Glaciator went on the rampage once more, so he sought refuge somewhere safe. When they reunited on the balcony, they apologized to each other, but Cat Noir didn’t take it too hard because he didn’t think it was too unbelievable that Marinette had mistaken idolization for love. Nevertheless, they said goodnight to each other, acknowledging that Marinette had the freedom to love whoever she wanted.

Following the appearance of Hoaxer in “Revelation,” Cat Noir and Marinette receive a message from Scarabella, who they mistakenly believe to be Ladybug, asking for assistance with the plan. The hero was still in awe of her bravery after witnessing her confront Lila and persuade her to release the akuma. He gave the title villain in “Derision” a severe beating and even tried to use his powers out of rage after hearing Kim’s story about the Marinettes’ traumatized love affair.

In “Representation,” Adrien steeled himself to do the only thing that came to mind: telling Marinette who he was. He was still furious with both his father and himself but wanted to fight for her. He takes off for Paris as Astro Cat to find her, but that search will have to wait since he has to defend her from his abusive father. However, he sadly returned to London after having nightmares about being akumatized, destroying everything, and most importantly, realizing Marinette wouldn’t be safe if he told.

However, he has a huge crush on Ladybug. He attempted to write her a love poem during “Dark Cupid,” but he threw it away. Adrien was upset with himself for the awful things he had said to her after vanquishing the main antagonist, but he was taken aback to discover that someone had responded to his poem and thought it had come from Ladybug (not realizing Marinette was the protagonist). Every time Ladybug is around, he is enthralled with her beauty and, on occasions when he isn’t Cat Noir, even blushes at her, as in “The Mime” and “Simon Says.” As Cat Noir in “Volpina,” he observed Ladybug’s affection for his alter ego and remarked on how obstinate she was. But after being saved in “Gorizilla,” Adrien calls Ladybug “Mlady” in front of everyone once he’s on the ground, but he stops himself. His commitment to her is so great that, as seen in “Riposte,” he voluntarily dove in to save her, and in “Miraculer,” he even fought alongside her while suffering a broken ribcage.

Following the defeat of the movie’s titular villains, he personally thanked Ladybug for saving him and providing a ride back to Grand Palais. When Adrien felt his hand on her shoulder, he stuttered nervously.

He finds Ladybug classy and the type who never changes. And briefly discovers that Marinette is Ladybug in “Oblivio”. But once the bad guy is vanquished and she employs the Miraculous Ladybug, he loses awareness of this.

Adrien was so enamored of Ladybug during the main villain’s rampage in “Desperada” that she chose him to wield the Snake Miraculous, and he became determined not to let her down as Aspik. But because he was not paying attention to the task at hand, she was captured more than once. He gave up the Miraculous and told her what had happened because he had had enough. Upon realizing he wasn’t the best option, he guided her to someone who was Ladybug gave him a kiss to thank him for saving her before turning into Cat Noir. Due to the fact that someone else saw Plagg and Tikki and his loose lips, Adrien learned that Ladybug attends his school and speculates that she might be Marinette. By using the abilities of Multitude and Mirage, he was duped into thinking she was someone else.

In “Cat Blanc,” an alternate future where Adrien discovers Ladybug’s secret identity after receiving a gift and meeting her, they begin a love relationship that ends happily. He was devastated when Marinette decided to end their relationship, but he couldn’t bear to part from her or face backlash. They embrace as he changes in front of her and cataclysms it, revealing that he was aware of her identity.

After Mr. After witnessing Ladybug’s ability to shield people from akumatizations in the future and appreciating her new outfit, Adrien refers to Ramiers’ 72nd akumatization as “miraculous.” Glad that they have moved one step closer to eliminating Hawk Moth

In addition to his phone, Adrien had pictures of her on his computer. However, following Ladybug’s outburst regarding his flirtatious actions in “Glaciator 2,” He almost became akumatized as a result of his emotional collapse, and in a fit of wrath, he tried to destroy all the advertisements for the pictures by deleting them. But after getting to know Marinette, he chooses to keep them. He took her advice and thought that if Adrien showed Ladybug who he really was, she would fall in love.

Adrien becomes so depressed as a result of Ladybug calling their allies repeatedly in “Kuro Neko” that he quickly gives up everything, discarding the ring and his pictures of her. Even when Plagg returns, he refused it if Ladybug continued to ignore him. Adrien attempted to reinvent himself as the “perfect” partner as Cat Walker because he felt like he wasn’t making any progress with her as Cat Noir, but he eventually resumed it after realizing that his former self was her real partner.

He was shocked to see Ladybug in “Strikeback” pleading with him for the return of the Dog Miraculous, but she denied ever giving him the jewel. When they both realized the terrible truth—that it had been given to Félix by mistake—and he used Fetch to take her yo-yo, Adrien calmed down and counseled her to change into a different person in order to save the Chinese Zodiac Miraculouses. But when he opened his bathroom door and heard her cry that she was lost, he realized it was too late and discovered she had vanished.

Although he still thinks Ladybug is wonderful, he chooses to let her go after realizing in “Passion” that Marinette is the one he truly loves.

He was unaware that Ladybug was going to speak with his father and Nathalie about getting him released from prison in London after learning about his family history in “Representation.”

He calls her “Bugaboo” and “Mlady” among other pet names, and he flirts with her as Cat Noir all the time. His romantic advances frequently put her on the spot, but he respects her wishes and never goes too far. He is constantly frustrated because she doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Sometimes, he would become shy around her, as on Valentine’s Day when he had vanquished Dark Cupid in the episode’s title. Though he wishes he could see her face behind the mask, as demonstrated in “Lady Wifi,” he respects her wish to remain anonymous when he chooses not to open the door while Ladybug is changing behind it.

They function well as a team, though Cat Noir occasionally feels that he must perform more menial tasks because he is unable to apprehend akumas. And Ladybug usually calls him the bravest of the two of them. Even though he has a crush on her, he doesn’t always agree with her and wonders if she will ever become unreasonable. Although they occasionally argue, they are able to resolve their differences and vanquish any bad guy.

He felt what it was like to be Ladybug as Mister Bug during “Reflekdoll” when their miraculous identities were switched. That’s when he picked up her advice to use his head and to be more watchful and cautious. Observing the intricacy of Ladybug’s abilities, he requested her assistance in deciphering his Lucky Charm. He became a bit annoyed that she stole his lines. He came to appreciate Ladybug’s seriousness after the sentimonsters and titular villains were defeated.

Being an action-oriented person who listens to his emotions instead of his head, Cat Noir often needs Ladybug to correct him or save him from trouble because he uses his powers quickly, acts rashly, or is easily tricked. Like in “Ladybug,” where he strolled right into Mayura’s trap until “the real” Ladybug exposed the trick Particularly when it comes to unleashing his fury through the use of his powers, as in “Cat Blanc,” “Jubilation,” and “Derision.”

In “Truth,” he is content and cognizant of Ladybug’s increased guardian duties as long as they don’t interfere with their ability to work as a team. He always follows her when she makes plans, but in “Truth” and “Psycomedian,” where he demonstrates that he too is capable of being cool, collected, and level-headed, Cat Noir occasionally takes the lead with his own ideas when Ladybug is unable to. As he knows they won’t be spending as much time together, he experiences some loneliness when on patrol. Not to mention feeling excluded and irate when her plans don’t work out

To lift his spirits during “Guiltrip,” he learned how much Ladybug appreciates his assistance and support, saying that life would be dull without him, and she responds positively.

When Ladybug isn’t present or when Cat Noir believes a negative event has occurred to her, his demeanor dramatically shifts. He acts more aggressively than usual in “Hack-San,” but after calming down, he adopts his partner’s seriousness and caution, behaving like a strict older brother around Scarabella. Knowing Ladybug to be watchful, alert, and resourceful, he was correct—she wouldn’t give her jewels to someone else without telling him unless something wasn’t right, and his gut told him the right thing to do but the wrong person.

When he learned that Ladybug in “Rocketear” had “bent” the rules for some of their allies without realizing that there was an emergency, he became a little irate with her. In “Wishmaker,” he thinks that because Ladybug is always phoning their allies, Adrien is depressed about the possibility that one day she won’t need him.

Even though he came back and got along well with her as Cat Walker in “Kuro Neko,” he could see how much Ladybug loved his previous persona. Observing her cautious and hurried side once more, and realizing that she mistook him for an akumatized person But after hearing her express deep regret, he also realized that Ladybug had acted as the leader and had looked out for everyone because he was there for her. Both quickly realized that their attempts to fit in weren’t going as well as they had hoped, and every strategy they made backfired. This time, he handled being left out with maturity since he knew she could handle everything. Once again being told that he is irreplaceable, he apologized to Ladybug for his actions after the sentimonsters were defeated in his original form.

Realizing how stressful it was to be Ladybug’s guardian He frequently requested to assume part of her guardianship duties so as to prevent her from becoming an akuma victim. It seems to imply that he was aware in his heart that she or he could become one, but he was still refusing to accept the reality. Since he would have to confront his worst fear—fighting the person he loves—that had already occurred in the past

When talking about Ladybug’s strategy for getting the kwamis back in “Destruction,” he noted how it was similar to her lucky charms. Following Ladybug’s revelation following the defeat of the film’s title villains in “Determination,” Cat Noir acknowledged that they had no more secrets aside from their identities.