do cats always cover their poop

Although burying feces is generally a modeled behavior from the mother cat, some cats actually never learn to do this. In fact, one study followed female pet cats out and about, and observed them poop 58 times—and only twice did the cats try to dig a hole first, or cover it afterward.

Why do cats cover their poop?

Cats cover their poop for reasons other than those that we would like to hear. Of course, we’d like to think that their reputation for being naturally meticulous stems from their desire to maintain their dignity, but that’s a little bit off. Cats probably bury their waste to keep predators from discovering it. They might be protected from people looking for them for evil purposes if they conceal the scent. Your cat may not be responding to the environment around them, but rather acting as their ancestors did, even if you (hopefully) don’t have any predators in your home.

How To Get Your Cat To Cover Their Poop?

do cats always cover their poop

Certain kitties lack the innate knowledge of how to properly use the litter tray and bury their waste. Reluctant kittens will require our encouragement to imitate the queen’s behavior in order to cover up their droppings. Clicker training can also work by establishing a favorable association. See how to litter train a kitten by using this detailed instruction.

The best way to set up ideal latrine facilities and substrate is to provide a variety of options and a sufficient number of large trays arranged in various places.

Eating and defection are not activities that should be carried out in the same space. Just as humans seldom eat and then urinate in the bathroom, neither do cats.

Bathrooms should be placed far from glass windows, washing machines, and traffic routes, including entry/exit points, as these objects may be viewed as hazards that could cause your cat to run if they aren’t properly hidden.

Provide a variety of low-edged boxes for cats suffering from hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other mobility issues.

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Rule Out Medical Reasons

The first thing to do if your cat has suddenly stopped picking up their waste is to take them to the veterinarian to rule out any health issues. Before you can hope to successfully modify your cat’s behavior, you must address any underlying medical issues that may be causing the issue.


Why would a cat not cover its poop?

If a cat is not happy with their litter box, one response may be to leave their poop uncovered. That may mean a litter box that is too small, dirty, has a cover that makes them feel trapped, or is in a location that makes them uncomfortable.

Do cats always hide their poop?

Cats instinctively bury their poop to hide their location from predators and to avoid competing with another cat’s territory. These behaviors originate with wild cats. Cats sometimes leave their poop unburied to mark their territory. Their poop’s unique smell identifies them to other cats.

Are cats the only animals that cover their poop?

Although after a Google search that took a little digging (heh), I did find one source that says that woodchucks, some weasels, and armadillos also bury their feces to avoid detection from predators.

Why is my cat covered in poop?

Cats with hair around their anus are at risk of developing fecal mat after defecating. Diarrhea can also cause fecal mat because the fecal matter is usually softer, thus it tends to stick to the cat more than firmer fecal matter.