do cats comfort you when you cry

Cats are also known to increase their interactions with humans who are depressed. As you can see, science supports the idea that your cat tries to comfort you when you cry because they understand that you are upset.

Can Cats Sense Sadness?

do cats comfort you when you cry

Cats can sense when their owners are depressed, even though they may not be able to explain why we are depressed. In the world of cats, genuine sadness isn’t always acknowledged as an emotion in cats. Cats do, however, experience negative feelings when they are under stress, anxiety, pain, grief, or loneliness.

Therefore, even though you can’t expect your cat to comprehend that you’re depressed because you had a fight with your mother or because a friend is ill, they may still shock you by demonstrating that they are aware of your feelings.

Will my cat comfort me when I cry?

You might be let down if you expect your cat to jump into your lap and give you a cuddle when you cry because every cat is unique. Cats do, however, have a tendency to behave differently when their owner appears melancholy or depressed. They tend to stay close by, getting closer than they usually do, and some will engage in more conversation or show more affection.

Your cat, no matter what kind, is probably attempting to console you in some way. It’s important to note, though, that some traumatic experiences that might make people depressed can also make your cat anxious and stressed. Therefore, your cat may temporarily retreat to a place where they feel safe if there have been a lot of new visitors, loud noises, or hostility.

How does my cat know when I’m sad?

Your speech changes and you may make other noises, such as sniffling or crying, when you’re depressed. You’ll also notice a shift in your body language; you might appear more bent over, less animated, and generally overwhelmed by life. Together with other cues like your facial expressions, your cat can sense this information and use it to determine how you’re feeling.


Do cats care when you cry?

Yes, cats are capable of providing comfort when their humans are upset. Cats have a natural inclination to seek out their owners when they are feeling down and offer them comfort. This is due to their strong bond with their owners and the fact that cats are naturally caring creatures.

Does my cat know when I’m crying?

Do cats understand when you cry? While cats may not fully comprehend the emotional significance of human tears, they can detect and often respond to changes in their owner’s behavior or vocal expressions during crying.

Why does my cat comfort me when I’m crying?

Either way, there’s evidence that cats comfort humans when sad. “When pet parents are depressed, cats rub against them more often. It’s likely your cat is responding to your emotional state by trying to comfort you or draw your attention,” McGowan says.

What do cats think when you cry in front of them?

Cats are known for their ability to pick up on human emotions, so it’s possible that they can sense when their owners are upset or crying. While they may not understand the reason behind the tears, they may show concern or offer comfort in their own way.