do cats defend their owners

More frequently, cats try to protect their pet parents from people they consider to be dangerous. Although cats are fierce predators, humans can seem big and scary to some cats. It’s instinctual for a cat to defend their territory and yours.

Do Cats Have Protective Instinct For Their Owners?

Yes, if you think the above myth is true, you might be shocked to learn the response. But yes, cats have a protective instinct for their guardians. There are numerous documented cases where a cat saves the life of its guardian (some of which are quoted in the second part of this article).

Despite such occasional incidences, scientific studies also support this statement. For instance, research findings that were reported by NBC News in 2011 stunned everyone. It said that the relationship between humans and cats is similar to and far stronger than we realize. Thus, a cat may not treat you like a human if he is trying to protect you. Instead, he is trying to guard his family member.

When a group of cats was given the option to select between food, toys, human interaction, and scent during the study in 2017, similar outcomes were once again demonstrated. Unexpectedly, more cats favored interacting socially with people than they did food, toys, or smell.

Furthermore, cats view their guardian as their property due to their natural territorial tendencies. Thus, a cat defending you is actually defending his authority.

do cats defend their owners

Why Do Cats Sleep at Your Feet?

When you think about it, do your cats prefer to sleep at your feet at night rather than curled up next to you or on your stomach? It turns out that they do so to protect you as well as themselves! You can blame those lingering instincts from the days when cats were wild!

Cats can better defend themselves against danger when they sleep with you because they are aware of how vulnerable they are while they are asleep. Your cat can see the entire room when they sleep close to the foot of the bed, which helps them recognize potential problems early on and alert you or flee in any direction if necessary.

do cats defend their owners

Understanding The Protective Behavior (Body Language & Signs) Of a Cat

Our feline friends protect you in different ways than dogs do, even though they might not be as vocal or aggressive as dogs or run and bark like a dog would.

When they perceive possible threat, their reactions to approaching threats, body language, and indicators differ greatly. Therefore, you should be aware that your cat is definitely alerting you to something if he displays any of the following symptoms.

  • Dilated eyes
  • ears turned out
  • Exposing teeth and claws
  • Hissing, screeching, or growling
  • Crouched position


Are cats protective over their owners?

They can offer their owners solace, companionship, security, and their presence can be a source of emotional support. Cats may also demonstrate their allegiance to their owners by acting in a protective manner, such as by keeping a close eye on them or even defending them in times of need.

Is my cat protecting me while I sleep?

While cats enjoy the warmth and comfort of sleeping with their owners, it’s not necessarily to protect them. How do you know if your cat is protecting you? If your cat displays alertness, watches over you, or acts defensively around strangers or perceived threats, it may be protective of you.

Will your cat defend you?

They won’t let you out of their sight. Their predatory instincts are ingrained in their DNA, they’re territorial by nature, and they’ll do all they can to defend themselves, their property and those around them. It’s just what they do!

Do cats follow you to protect you?

Guarding is a normal protective behavior that is often a display of affection, accompanied by purring, kneading, head butting, and licking. Signs Your Cat Is Protecting You Include: Sitting close to you. Following you.