do cats get hot outside

But can cats get too hot? Just because they like the heat doesn’t mean they can handle soaring temperatures in the summer months. Without adequate ways to cool down, cats can get too hot, and can suffer from heat exhaustion or even heatstroke (which can be fatal) during hot weather.

Make use of wet towels

It’s unlikely that most cats would want to swim in the water because they detest getting wet. However, applying some cool water to a tiny towel and rubbing it over your cat’s fur can help relieve some of the heat. You could also try stroking your cat with wet hands.

Check sheds, greenhouses and garages

Cats are infamous for their ability to slip into dangerous situations. They may become stuck in hot rooms without ventilation during the summer, which can be problematic. This is very dangerous, as it can quickly cause heatstroke.

Make sure your cat is not hiding in any sheds, garages, or greenhouses before you lock them up.

Keep your cat hydrated

In hot weather, it’s critical to keep your cat hydrated to avoid dehydration. Here are some suggestions to help your cat drink more water if it needs it:

  • Reposition the water bowl far from the food bowl and litter tray. Since many cats dislike drinking water close to their food or bathroom, doing so might persuade them to do so.
  • Try a variety of water bowls; some cats might be more attracted to metal or ceramic bowls than plastic ones. Try a variety of bowls and arrange them in various spots to observe if your cat has a favorite. Additionally, experiment with different bowl sizes—many cats like larger, overflowing bowls.
  • Provide a source of flowing water since some cats like to drink from it. Attempt to offer them a drink from your tap, or think about getting your cat a water fountain.
  • Having several water bowls both inside and outside will allow your cat to have easy access to fresh water all the time.
  • Gather rainwater; a lot of cats would rather drink it than tap water. Fill a bowl with water from a water butt or set a bowl outside to collect rainwater.

The ideal way to keep your cat occupied and cool during the summer is with ice lollies. All you have to do is freeze some spring water from a tuna can or low-salt chicken stock into an ice lolly mold to create a refreshing treat for your cat.

Find more ice recipes for your cat.


What temperature is too hot for cats outside?

Because of their high body temperature, cats can theoretically be okay in hot weather, around 100°F outside. Their tolerance can vary widely depending on humidity, your cat’s health, age, and even type of fur. It’s best to err on the safe side and avoid the hottest parts of the day altogether.

Is 90 degrees too hot for a cat?

Normal body temperature for a cat older than 4 weeks old is 99.5 to 102.5 degrees. Temperatures around 90 degrees and above tend to make cats uncomfortable and lead to the need for additional heat loss through panting.

Do cats feel hot in hot weather?

When the heat arrives, not only can cats feel hot and bothered, they’re also more at risk of heatstroke. While cats often seek the shade to keep themselves cool, there are some steps you can take to keep your cat safe.