do cats jump off balconies

A feline is not prone to willingly leap off a balcony or out of a window. If a cat becomes distracted or is not paying attention, they can fall and have an accident. You want to keep your feline companion safe by keeping them indoors and away from open balconies and patios.

What is high rise syndrome in cats?

High-rise syndrome describes the injuries that cats may get from falling from a significant height. This may occur within your house if they trip over a second-story banister or misjudge a jump from one tall bookcase to the next.

However, the majority of significant falls happen from tall external windows or on balconies. Cats may become engrossed in chasing birds and end up jumping off the edge. They might also trip and fall due to being startled, usually by a pet parent who is worried to see their cat sitting on the railing. The wind may be strong enough at very high altitudes to blow a cat off its perch.

Even though cats are known for their graceful landings, these mishaps can cause fatalities or severe injuries.

Why do cats love heights?

Many cats are drawn to the highest point they can reach, even in spite of the dangers.

Their wild ancestors, who sought out tall trees to stalk prey and shield themselves from predators, are the source of their love of heights. Domestic cats of today are drawn to elevated areas and do not inherently fear heights. Because of this, cats are drawn to windows and balconies by nature. They will therefore explore ledges and attempt to balance on railings without hesitation.

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A lot of cat owners reside in (high-rise) buildings with balconies, and the majority of cats enjoy spending time outside on them and taking in the scenery. If you own a cat, you may be wondering whether it’s okay to leave them on the balcony and whether they’ll fall off. Don’t give up reading just because you don’t have a balcony; curious cats can still get into trouble if your home only has windows, and there are other risks besides falling out of them. Let’s examine the risks that windows and balconies present to our kitties and what we can do to keep them safe.


Is it common for cats to fall off balconies?

Like windows, balconies, terraces, and fire escapes pose a risk for this kind of accident. Lots of cats love spending time in these places to enjoy some fresh air. If they get up on a railing or slip through a gap in the ironwork, they can end up falling to the ground.

Is it safe to let cat on balcony?

Cats are expert jumpers and climbers so unless your balcony is completely cat proof, it won’t be safe for them. Every year our animal hospitals treat many cats who have suffered serious and even fatal injuries after falling from windows and balconies.

How do I make sure my cat doesn’t jump off the balcony?

Secure the Area: Make sure your balcony is enclosed with a high barrier or cat-proof netting. Supervision: Always supervise your cat when they are on the balcony. Safe Escape Routes: Ensure your cat has a safe way to get back inside if they get scared or want to retreat.

How do I make my balcony cat proof?

Balcony netting, plexiglass panels, mesh cloth, or bamboo fencing can be securely attached to the balcony railing using heavy duty cable ties. These simple, low-cost modifications can help to prevent a cat from slipping through the railing uprights. Always supervise your cat while they are on the balcony.