do cats know how to swim

Cats can in fact swim, and have the natural instinct in order to do so. Therefore, if they accidentally fall into some water, fear not that they’ll just sink to the bottom. They’ll most likely float and do a speedy kitty paddle to the nearest exit.

Can you train your cat to like the water?

Make sure you never force your cat to do anything he doesn’t want to do if you want to try to encourage him to enjoy the water.

That being said, your friend can help you create positive associations with the water by gradually introducing it and using positive reinforcement.

“Be sure to go slow when training your cat to enjoy playing in the water or swimming,” Fischer advised. “Give them chances to enjoy it on their own, and when they voluntarily try it, show them lots of love and treats as well as positive reinforcement.” ”.

Can cats swim naturally?

Despite the general perception that cats and water don’t mix, both domestic and wild cats are capable of swimming.

Fischer told The Dodo, “All cats can swim instinctively if they have to or like to.” “Wild cats utilize the water to help regulate their body temperatures. Like tigers, they hunt in it.” ”.

When Cats Love Water

Certain cat breeds, such as the Abyssinian, Bengal, Turkish Van, and Maine Coon, are well-known for their affinity for the water. Many of these kitties look forward to bath time and even relish outdoor activities like boat rides and swimming holes. Adopting a mixed-breed cat that defies convention and enjoys a refreshing dip is another option.

Cats that enjoy water like to both splash and swim. A few of them are graceful, powerful swimmers who can go astonishing distances in short bursts of time. In general, though, cats don’t swim for speed. They don’t usually care to move quickly; they paddle just enough to keep them moving. Because of this, it’s difficult to estimate how quickly an adult cat can swim.

It can be a lot of fun to watch these water-loving cats play in a river, lake, or (ideally) unchlorinated swimming pool if you happen to own one, but water safety should always come first. If you ever take your cat swimming, make sure you follow these water safety precautions.

  • To prevent accidental drowning, cover your pool or pond when not in use and install alarms and ramps.
  • Store pool chemicals in a completely safe and enclosed area
  • Keep your cat’s water intake from the ocean or pool to a minimum.
  • Consider a pet life vest for long boat trips
  • After every swim, try your best to dry your cat, especially their ears.
  • Don’t assume they can swim better than they can; even a robust cat who enjoys the water may get into difficulties.

do cats know how to swim


Can cats swim if they fall in pool?

That said, while a cat can swim instinctively, if they do fall in water they might be poor swimmers. And if they are unaccustomed to it, they could easily panic and drown if you’re not there to save them.

Do cats automatically know how do you swim?

While it’s widely believed that cats and water just don’t mix, both domestic and wild cats can actually swim. “All cats can instinctively swim if they have to or like to,” Fischer told The Dodo. “Wild cats, like tigers, hunt in the water and use the water to help regulate their body temperatures.”

Do cats like swimming in water?

Some large cats, such as tigers, commonly take a dip to cool off or hunt prey, and even some domesticated breeds are known to enjoy a swim when the opportunity arises. In general, however, domestic cats will go to great lengths to avoid getting wet, and behaviorists have developed a number of theories to explain why.

Do cats swim better than dogs?

Some dogs are better swimmers than cats, and some are poorer swimmers than cats. Retrievers are bred to be good swimmers. Pugs, boston terriers, boxers, pit bulls, English bulldogs are not good swimmers.