do cats like green olives

Some cats may like olives for their smell, taste and even the way they feel after eating them. Green olives in particular contain a similar chemical compound to nepetalactone which is found in catnip. The effects are much the same, causing some cats to become more playful, silly or outright crazy.

And why are cats so obsessed with olives

do cats like green olives

do cats like green olives

Your cat might have surprised you by loving to bat an olive around on the floor if you’ve ever dropped one.

It turns out that cats can safely eat olives, but it’s important to watch out that they don’t eat too many as they can make your pet sick. Cats are naturally drawn to olives (more on that below!).

We reached out to Dr. Patricia Squillace, chief medical officer of Veterinary Care Group, to learn why cats seem to enjoy olives so much and what happens if a cat eats too many!

Can cats eat olives on occasion?

A small nibble of an olive once in a while probably won’t hurt your cat, but because they are so high in sodium, too many can lead to upset stomachs or worse.

“There are reasons to limit or avoid feeding your cats olives, even though they are not toxic to them,” Dr. Squillace told The Dodo. Because they are often in a brine, olives have a high sodium content. Therefore, if consumed in sufficient amounts, they may, at best, result in digestive issues and/or diarrhea and, at worst, potentially fatal metabolic imbalances. ”.

Give your cat only plain olives instead of ones that may contain additional ingredients like garlic that could be harmful to her health.

“A lot of olives are’stuffed’ with foods that could be hazardous or cause further issues,” Dr. Squillace said.

Additionally, you should keep pitted olives away from her.

Furthermore, many olives have pits, which could present a choking hazard, according to Dr. Squillace said.

Why do cats like olives?

It’s possible that your cat will become completely obsessed with green olives. And the main reason for this is probably because green olives contain isoprenoids, which are extremely similar to nepetalactone, the active ingredient in catnip. (The ingredient in catnip that draws cats to the plant is called nepetalactone.) ).

There are other foods that cats are drawn to besides green olives. Like green olives, pimentos can also contain isoprenoids.

However, since every cat is unique, not every cat will react negatively to olives, pimentos, or even catnip. If your cat seems completely unaffected by your jar of olives, don’t worry.


Can cats eat green olives?

In general, olives are not a dangerous food for cats; they’re considered safe for them to consume in very small quantities. Eating a tiny olive snack, meaning less than a whole olive, a couple of times a week should be fine for your kitty if they’ve eaten olives in the past without any negative side effects.

Why is my cat obsessed with green olives?

You might find that your cat absolutely goes bonkers over green olives. And the reason for this is likely because green olives contain isoprenoids, which are really similar to an active chemical in catnip known as nepetalactone. (Nepetalactone is the chemical in catnip that causes cats to be attracted to the plant.)

Why is my cat obsessed with olive oil?

Cats love olive oil as much as we do! Olives contain a chemical similar to the one in catnip which makes olive oil irresistible to cats but we’ve got much more reason why olive oil is good for your cat. From weight control to soft fur, here are all the reasons why olive oil is your cat’s new best friend!

Do cats like the smell of black olives?

According to cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, olives contain a chemical similar to the one in catnip. So, it’s not surprising that this cat gets so blissed out after just smelling the can. Like catnip though, not every cat will react the same way to the smell of olives.