do cats shed more in spring

Each year cats will have one or two cycles of heavy hair loss and growth. These usually occur in the spring and fall. The spring shed helps your cat lose their heavier winter coat.

Lint Rollers Are Your Friends

do cats shed more in spring

During this time of year, it’s especially important to have an army of lint rollers at your disposal. This will help you leave the house without looking like you hugged a werewolf.

When visitors arrive, they can get rid of the fur that gathers on them by leaving a few by the door and a few in the restroom.

When you leave the house, lint rollers will save you some face, and your allergic friends and coworkers will appreciate that you won’t be sneezing on them.

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Why Your Cat Might Shed More In Spring

do cats shed more in spring

Seasonal shedding is actually more common with cats in the wild and those who spend a good amount of time outdoors.

Because indoor cats are exposed to artificial lighting that throws off their circadian rhythm, they may shed year-round as opposed to seasonally. This is also completely normal.

do cats shed more in spring

In order to stay cool during the summer, cats that shed in the spring shed their thick winter undercoat. They will grow a new coat in the fall to get ready for winter.

When your cat sheds is a normal and significant process, regardless of the exact moment. Dead fur must shed in order to be removed because it can irritate skin.

It’s normal, and if your cat doesn’t shed, it might indicate a nutritional problem or other health concern. Similarly, if your cat sheds excessively, Pay attention. See a veterinarian if your cat is losing more hair than usual, has bald patches, or has an extremely thin coat.

More information about the potential reasons of excessive shedding can be found here.

do cats shed more in spring

A cat’s shedding habits are determined by a few factors.

Thus, as the days get longer and your cat spends more time in the sun, they might be more prone to spring shedding.

do cats shed more in spring

The best way to deal with extra hair at the source before it starts to fly around your house or comes out of your cat in the form of hairballs is to brush your cat on a regular basis.

How long and thick your cat’s coat is can help you determine how often to brush them. The breed of your cat will typically dictate the type of coat and amount of shedding.

do cats shed more in spring

It’s crucial that you try to make brushing your cat less stressful if they are fussy or aren’t used to it.

First, hold quick meetings and offer lots of praise and food incentives. As soon as your feline begins to feel more at ease, extend the time spent brushing them.

Make it a positive bonding experience, and your cat will come to appreciate it more.

do cats shed more in spring

Ensure that you brush your cat’s fur in the direction that it grows naturally.

It can be challenging to brush out knots and mats, and some may need to be cut out. Before attempting to remove many mats from your cat yourself, you should have them groomed by a professional or speak with your veterinarian.

do cats shed more in spring

For long-haired cats, it is helpful to begin with a shedding rake or comb that can get close to the skin to loosen some hair from the undercoat while largely preserving the outer coat.

Shedding rakes are perfect for reaching deep under long fur because they are long and stiff. Long-haired cats may need to be brushed at least every two days.

do cats shed more in spring

Starting with a bristle brush is a good idea for cats with short hair. This may help release some of the hair that is irritatingly lodged close to the skin.

Compared to long-haired cats, short-haired cats with double coats can survive with slightly less brushing, and those with a single coat can survive with even less. However, it’s critical to continue with routine grooming, particularly during the spring shedding season.

You can find a highly rated bristle brush on Amazon here.

do cats shed more in spring

Using a slicker brush afterwards is a good idea for cat hair of any length. These are perfect for gathering cat fur before it starts to blow around the house because they have smaller bristles.

It will assist in grabbing the hair that other brushes have been causing to fall out.

You can find a great slicker brush on Amazon here.

do cats shed more in spring

By removing dead hair, mats, and knots that can rub against one another and cause injuries or hot spots that are vulnerable to infection, brushing your cat’s coat and skin helps keep it healthy. Additionally, it lets you gather the fur before your cat sheds it all over your house.

When you brush your cat, everybody wins.


What months do cats shed the most?

Spring: around April/May, cats shed their heavy winter coat, including their undercoat. An undercoat is a fine layer of soft hair that provides additional insulation. Autumn: around October/November, cats shed to replace their summer coat with a fluffier winter coat.

Do indoor cats shed fur in spring?

Cats Shed All the Time! Not all cats shed a heavy winter undercoat during the spring, or lose dry hairs in the fall to make room for a heavier winter coat. Indoor-only cats may have a steady shed year-round. Each cat has a unique shedding pattern.

What does it mean when your cat sheds more than usual?

This could be caused by an allergy, a skin infection, a hormonal imbalance, or many other types of health problems. Also, old age, arthritis, or pain can make it difficult for a cat to groom themselves. Therefore, a cat will appear to shed more because they can no longer groom the shedding fur away on their own.

Do cats shed more when it’s warm?

Regardless of how much a cat sheds in general, most cats shed more heavily in the warm weather, as the cat loses it heavier winter coat in preparation for warmer summer temperatures. Cats also sometimes experience a seasonal shed in the Fall as the Summer coat drops out to make way for new growth of the Winter coat.