how much should a cat weigh kg

While the average weight for a typical cat is around ten pounds (roughly 4.5kg), cats’ weights can vary based on sex, breed, lifestyle, age, and whether they’ve been spayed or neutered.

How do I get an obese or overweight cat down to a healthy cat weight?

Limit your treats and don’t give them any human food at all. Ensure that your cat is eating the right food for their stage of life. A senior cat diet or a neutered cat diet, if appropriate, will offer better calorie control. Ask your veterinarian or registered veterinary nurse about weight loss diets if your cat is obese. These offer all the necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals while cutting calories. Always remember to introduce new foods gradually over the course of about a week when changing any diet.

What is the Ideal Cat Weight?

There isn’t really a one size fits all number when it comes to cats because weight is determined by breed and size. Some can be as light as 2. 5 kg or, in rare instances, as heavy as 10 kg or more. A cat’s weight will fluctuate throughout the day based on a variety of elements, including feeding schedules and breeding practices.

  • Domestic cat – 3.5 to 4.5 kg
  • Siamese – 2.2 to 4.5 kg
  • Persian – 3 – 5.5 kg
  • Maine Coon – 4.5 to 11 kg

*Remember that these are merely recommendations for “ideal weight ranges”; they are merely places to start. Your pet’s particular physical condition still needs to be evaluated by your veterinarian.

Rather than concentrating on achieving a specific number, it’s best to focus on their body condition assessment score. It looks at overall fat content versus muscle mass, which is more closely related to cats’ health and well being. The specific number will matter more in tracking their progress in cases where they are in a weight loss/gain program.

Cat body shape chart

A body score of 4-5 is considered ideal, as shown by this body condition score chart. You can feel your cat’s ribs, spine, and hip bones, and you can see their waist and abdominal tuck from above, which indicates that your cat is a healthy weight.


What is healthy weight for a cat?

Cat Breed
Female Weight (pounds)
Male Weight (pounds)
8-10 lb
8-10 lb
7-12 lb
7-12 lb
Maine Coon
10-15 lb
15-25 lb
7-12 lb
7-12 lb

Is 7kg overweight for a cat?

What is the average weight of a cat? Average domestic cats should weigh between 4 and 5 kilograms. However, this can vary depending on the breed of your cat. For example, if you have a male maine coon cat at home, you can expect them to weigh as much as 7 to 11 kilograms.

What weight should my cat be by age?

Cat age
How much should an 11-month-old cat weigh?
Around 10 pounds
How much should a 1-year-old cat weigh?
Around 10 pounds
How much should a 2-year-old cat weigh?
Around 10 pounds
How much should a 3-year-old cat weigh?
Around 10 pounds

Is 5kg heavy for a cat?

The ideal weight of a cat can vary depending on the breed; however, for the majority of domestic cats, 10 pounds or 4 to 4.5 kg is considered a healthy weight. Larger domestic cat breeds are usually considered to be any cat that weighs over 11lbs or 5kg and some, like the Maine Coon, can weigh up to 25 pounds or 11kg.