how much should my russian blue cat weigh

Healthy adult Russian Blue cats should weigh between seven and 15 pounds, with males weighing more than females. The breed’s love of food can lead to excessive hunger and obesity, so it’s important to stick to a properly portioned nutrition plan that includes high-quality, minimally processed cat food.

Are Russian Blue Cats Really Hypoallergenic?

Have you always wanted a cute pet but find yourself sneezing every time you see one? If so, you may have heard the falsehood that Russian Blue cats are hypoallergenic.

Is it true? Yes and no. This breed of cat does, in fact, have lower levels of Fel d 1, the protein in skin secretions and saliva that causes itching and wheezing in humans. But even minute concentrations of Fel d 1 can result in allergic reactions. In addition, Russian Blues also produce dander, which irritates allergies. Put differently, the likelihood of having Russian Blue cat allergies is high if you already have a cat allergy. *.

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how much should my russian blue cat weigh

Top 7 Russian Blue Fun Facts

Truly, these cats become more awesome the more you know about them. Check it out:

  • These cats have a subtle smile that resembles the well-known smile of the Mona Lisa thanks to their slightly upturned mouths.
  • Folklore states that Russian blues were kept in newborns’ rooms to ward off evil spirits.
  • In the Warner Bros. popular film “Cats”
  • This breed’s blue cats are caused by a diluted gene. Their blue-gray coloring is actually caused by a variant of the black-hair gene.
  • The popular animated meme Nyan Cat, which is half cat and half Pop Tart, was inspired by the illustrator Marty’s Russian Blue.
  • Fans of the well-known “Tom and Jerry” cartoon conjecture that Tom is a Russian Blue because of his vivid green eyes and blue-gray complexion.
  • Some Russian Blues are born with “ghost stripes. These are subtle tabby patterns that vanish as the cats get older.

If you plan to adopt a Russian Blue Cat, you’ll need to come up with the ideal name for your adorable pet. You may choose Blueberry, Bluebell, or Blue Moon, for instance.

To honor your pet’s heritage, consider using the names Ruble, Kroshka (“Baby”), or Krasavitsa (“Beautiful”). Here are some more recommendations based on well-known Russian authors, composers, and dancers, along with a lighthearted nod to Harry Potter.

  • Fyodor
  • Tolstoy
  • Chekhov
  • Tchaikovsky
  • Pavlova
  • Rudolf
  • Stravinsky
  • Mikhail
  • Pushkin
  • Krum

The real fun can start once you bring home your new best friend and give them the ideal name. Give your cat a catio as a present, give them some treats to help them stay cool during the summer, and make sure to capture all of their adorable antics on camera.

An ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan can assist you with eligible costs for covered conditions, such as surgery costs for accidents, and help give you peace of mind that your pet can receive the care they require (Internal Claims Data, 2015-2020**). Get a free quote right now and explore our online resources to find out more about your insurance options. This article’s content is meant to be educational and informative only; it is not intended to replace or take the place of your veterinarian’s advice.

how much should my russian blue cat weigh


Are Russian Blue cats usually skinny?

Be aware that Russian Blue cats are prone to obesity and tend to have big appetites. Make sure you give them healthy treats, lean meats, and the recommended amount set out on the food packaging. This breed typically has a small frame means they can be seen as underweight when in fact they’re perfectly healthy.

At what age is a Russian Blue cat fully grown?

Slow to mature, Russian Blues retain many of their adolescent traits both good and otherwise until they are 3–4 years old and even much older Blues can be easily enticed into play by their owners.

Are Russian Blue cats bigger than normal cats?

Russian blues are medium-sized cats with plush, dense short coats of hair that stand out from their bodies and make them appear larger than they truly are.